Luv Nordstroms!

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  1. :heart::heart::heart:I LUV Nordstroms!!!!! I luv that they can find an item at any store if its sold out in your size online-awesome service!!!!
    I was eyeing several DVF wrap DRESSES and a wrap top and they found them at stores and called and put me thru to make the sale . I get the item and FREE SHIPPING even though their shipping is only 5.00, free is always better!
    The prices were fantastic- 109.90 and 89.90 for dresses and 89.90 for top. Retail was 365.00+ for dresses and 210.00 for top. I love her-her things are so classic.
    Returns are as easy-just 5.00 charge and return label.I don't have a Nordstroms in my state so this is a wonderful service. I ve tried this at other major stores online -and SORRY THEY CAN'T DO IT.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree!! They are always willing to help you find merchandise and the online chat is awesome. A diesel jacket I recently purchased was recently marked down and they did the price adjustment for me online - no questions asked. It just doesn't get any easier or more convenient. I love Nordstrom!
  3. definitely:smile: i ordered a pair of MBMJ pumps but they were out of stock so they found me a pair in santa clara, ca and waived shipping.
  4. I just ordered the cutest Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag yesterday in the store and it's coming to me from Dallas. It's the totally turnlock teri. I can't wait to get it. And best of all, no shipping! Too bad they charged me though in my store, wonder if I had called Dallas directly maybe they wouldn't have charged me tax. Oh but then they most likely would have charged me shipping.

    Nordstrom is great!
  5. I love nordstrom too! By far the best customer service out there...and they carry L.A.M.B! What's not to like?

    don't worry about missing out on saving some money spacytracy, they end up charging you tax based on the state they are shipping it to
  6. I was told by a rep that they are separate from their stores and they can't ship things there. They didnt' even try to look for it for me. Weird. The rep was nice but not very helpful.
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