Luv My New Gucci Jeweled Sandals!

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  1. I picked these up at the Vacaville outlet on Saturday - they just got them in -- not part of the sale unfortunately - I think they were $359 -- they are seriously comfy too and I love the bronze color -- the leather is super soft too!

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  2. OMG Suzzeee :shocked::wtf::faint:

    SS 2008 sandals soooo jealous - can't help but be totally excited for you though.

    Congratulations - just TDF
  3. I LUV them too!!!!
  4. Very nice!! CONGRATS!
  5. I was hoping you'd post a modeling shot. Thanks! Those are so cool and I love your polish as well, so perfect for the bronze color!
  6. Thanks guys! The polish is Pampaloma Purple by OPI. Wow - I really need a tan -- yikes!
  7. Gorgeous sandals, Suzzeee! You'll definitely be able to get a lot of wear of the sandals as the bronze color is so versatile to wear. Enjoy!
  8. Congrats!! You are all ready for summer!!
  9. Congrats! They are gorgeous!! *droolz*
  10. lovely..congrats
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Very nice and they look great on you.
    Congratulations and enjoy ;)!
  13. congratulations!