Luv AJ Leather Jacket - anyone with experience?

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  1. I think I've discovered that most moto jackets on the market now are just too cropped for my taste and body shape.

    The two jackets below seem to be a bit longer. Does anyone have any experience with either brand?

    Luv AJ


    I did get a chance to try on a BLK DNM jacket (a short one) and the leather felt really really nice. Haven't seen Luv AJ in person before though.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I don't have anything from either brand, but I LOVE the 2nd one!!! The leather looks so much nicer!

  3. I wonder if it's also how each websites takes their photos. Here's the same Luv AJ jacket from the Shopbop site except in rose gold:

    I wish I knew how the jackets would look once worn and broken in. Some leather jackets have the nice broken in look from the get-go (All Saints, Muubaa), I'm hoping that for these ones they will get more relaxed looking and better with age. Right now the Luv AJ one definitely looks stiff on the model. But I'm hoping that with this price point the leather isn't crappy but just needs some love to make it mould to the wearer's body. Lol.