Lusting the bronze Spy bag

  1. Hello girls,

    So, is it still possible for me to get my hands on the bronze/blue spy bag? Can I just call the Fendi boutique and put my name on a list ? or is that it for that color???
  2. The
  3. Opps sorry I push the wrong button!
    The blue or petrol spy is long gone from f/w 2005, you prob have to hunt in eBay. The meant the hologram? I think it is still around. I saw it at Fendi Houston (the Galleria). Let me know if you need the number, I have a sweet SA that maybe able to help you.
  4. Two weeks ago, the Fendi store in Manhasset, NY had three of the the hologram (bronze/blue pleated) Spies. The SA's name is Kim and the telephone number is (516) 627-1900. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks girs!!! Yes, I guess it is the halogram that I of the Olsen twins were photographed with's so pretty!!!. I'll try calling.
  6. There were three hologram Spys at the Fendi store at American Manhasset in Manhasset, Long Island (New York) a few weeks ago. I almost bought one. Give them a call. Good luck!

    oops.... I should have read the entire thread before responding .... sorry for the duplicate info.:shame:
  7. I hope you track it down!!! Hollogram Spy is SO PRETTY in person!!!:love:
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I think I'll be able to get my paws on it tomorrow!!! Wish me luck~:biggrin:
  9. Good luck, dear!!!
  10. That is great! Good luck :smile:
  11. Got it during lunch today!!!
  12. Yay!!!!!
  13. Can you post a pic. I would love to see.
  14. I love the hologram spy too. It's such lovely!
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