Lusting over this bag! Help!!

  1. I don´t like it at all sorry.
  2. Yes, yes, yes! :smile:
  3. It might be a little trendy for me, and there is nothing wrong with that!!! I think that would be a bag I would grab up in a hurry on an impulse.
  4. Love the color.....but not crazy about the bag....jmo though...The improtant thing is..if YOU love it..Then get it....Good luck!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. It certainly is different. If you love it, get it!
  6. I love the color! This usually isn't my style of bag but for some reason I really like this one. Hmm, get it! Especially if you love it! =)
  7. I agree:yes:
  8. the leather looks yummy, but not sure with the extra pouch like bags on the side?
  9. Grrrr! I still don't know. It ends in 6 hrs...

    I guess I have to make a decision before then!
  10. i love it!! it's the 'zipper' bag, right? the color is fabulous, and you won't see anyone else carrying the same bag (which is reason enough for me). i say get it, and if you're not 100% happy send it back.
  11. Now here's a thing - a 'black, structured, classic design only, minimal hardware, get your trendy nonsense away from me' forumite in London went 'wow' when she saw that picture. . .is that persuasive or does it put you off the idea completely?!
  12. Its different...kinda like a Bbag...leatherlike anyway. Sweet!
  13. I love the colour, not totally sure about extra pocket part of the bag, but I would personally have to see it IRL. It really is a nice shade of red though.
  14. I guess if she'll do a refund (assuming you hate it IRL) and you like it, then I say go for it. It's not my cup of tea though. I'm not into this "zipper" fad. Too much going on with it, but the red leather is yummy.