Lusting over the new Speedy Empreinte - anyone has it?

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  1. I am really loving the look of the new Speedy 25 Empreinte Noir- - does anyone have it?
    I am a curvy girl and wonder if this size will look good...
  2. What's the difference between this and the previous version?
  3. It has a front flap
  4. This model has been out for a while... There’s a clubhouse for the empreinte speedy with lots of pics.
  5. I have one! But I had to get it secondhand because that size wasn’t available in the US. I really love it — it’s my everyday bag. I did switch out the strap for a lighter and wider one, a reverse monogram bandoulier XL.
  6. That's what I thought too. I was confused that OP was showing an even more updated version but I couldn't see the differences.
  7. Sorry - I hadnt see it before...
  8. I’ve been lusting after it as well!! However I just got the sperone backpack for a summer bag as I have a PM in empreinte noir. I have seen many in very good to excellent condition available on fashionphile! I am holding off until next fall, unless an irrestible color is released!
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  9. I. Think this model of speedy is the only one I didn’t like. Somehow the proportions of the handle n the bag looks off. The most implying that turned me off was the weight. Even without any thing in the size 30; it was heavier than most bags.
  10. hi there - i have the speedy 25 emprinte in a burgundy... it's called raisin, i think? i don't reach for it a ton, but when i do use it, i love it - it's so beautiful and quite carefree and very spacious! i highly recommend it :smile:
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  11. I have it in size 25-posted a pic in another section under Rumor- Recall-my color is Marine and rouge-first time my husband used the words "gorgeous" when describing my bag........