Lusting for Chanel

  1. I am an admitted LV freak, but I'm trying to spread my wings a little bit and try some Chanel. Can some of you tell me what stores sell Chanel (hoping Saks does!) and what prices I can expect to pay for handbags. I'm looking for something simple and good for everyday. Is there a definite must-have Chanel the speedy is for Louis Vuitton? I am planning a shopping trip next week and want some of your educated opinions. TIA!!
  2. Hi,

    Yes, you can buy a Chanel at Saks. As for price, I am going to say you might end up paying an least 1,500.00 give or take a few (probably give), depending on the style. There are alot to pick from, just depending on your taste. There are some great pictures with prices in the Chanel Reference thread.

    I am thinking Chanel should be having their annual sale around the middle of December.
  3. Thanks, Michele. I have some Saks gift cards so that's good news! It's a little bit of a drive for me to get there, so I don't go there often enough to know exactly what brands they sell. I'll check out some of the posted pics. Thanks again!
  4. If you see a style number you like just call Saks and they can deliver the bag to you. Have fun looking!!!
  5. must-have Chanel bag = Classic Flap :heart:

    the price range for the classic flap varies from 1050 - 1695 w/o tax. and select Saks carry Chanel, you should call the Saks you are planning to go to first and see if they carry it
  6. Jen is right, the flap is the best..
  7. Hey girl! The SAKS here in our area doesn't carry Chanel.
    The NM @ The Shops of Willowbend and the Downtown Dallas Flagship store does though, also there's an actual Chanel boutique in Highland Park.

    If you really want to buy from SAKS, look through our Reference LIbrary and find a few you like and call a SAKS and they can search for one and have it sent to you:yes:
  8. Thanks, everybody! I'm so excited!! It may be a while, but I will become a member of this Chanel forum someday. Hey, Swanky 3, thanks for the tips. NM in willowbend is where I'm headed next week. I was only interested in buying from Saks because of my gift cards. I think Chanel may be my new love(haha!):girlsigh:
  9. Ok, I just checked out all the pics of classic flaps, and OMG!! I am loving the medium classic in white. WOW. That's got to be the one. Now I guess I'll go out and find me another job!!
  10. You are on the right track with a classic flap as a first Chanel!
  11. The Classic Flap would be great! I know for sure the Saks in Richmond, VA, and Cincinnati, OH, sell Chanel.