Lusting for a weekender.....

  1. I love my chic city bags - and think they're the perfect "handbag" size for my height (5'4) - but lately i'm lusting for a weekender! What's come over me!!
  2. beaux, i'm 5'4" and LOVING the weekender too :party:
    you go girl!!! :yahoo:
  3. I think because super big bags are sooooo IN this year that it just finally hit us that, "hmmmmm, I think I need a work style now"

    because seriosuly, I always thought that my first were perfect, but now I think I need a work toooooo!!!

    wierd huh??!?!

    lol. I have a city, but I def. carry it less then my first!
  4. i don't use weekenders because big bags are "in", seriously...
    it goes to your needs, if you're a busy person who carried a lot of things with you, the big bags are your saviour!
    even though i carry my city, sometimes i would use 2 bags at a time with me, my city, and my first!
  5. pop, i have 4 firsts, a city, twiggy and work but i would have to say that the first is still my all time favorite and i wear them the most...i have only used my city and work twice.... also worn my twiggy a lot since she was my first b-bag... but after i got my firsts, I rarely use the twiggy either
  6. Absolutely! :yes:

    My sis and I have always been lugging around huge bags even before the craze cos we just tend to bring around too much of our lives with us :p And after a while, you just can't seem to be content with a small bag, unless it's just to go out in the evenings!
  7. i carry WEs all the time. :heart: i dont like them overstuffed, but love they way they drape around you.:supacool:
  8. Nothing wrong with wanting a Weekender to add to your Bbag collection, beaux! Try some on for size and decide whether to get one or not. And if it looks good on you at 5'4", then it'll mean that it should be okay for me, too! :whistle: ;)
  9. or maybe u should try a work beaux?
  10. i think the WE is too big for me but whenever i see pics of you carrying yours, i dream that i am a WE girl too -- you look great and i agree about the drape. the WE doesn't look nearly as chic fully stuffed (even on tall girls).
  11. hey kicks, thank you!:love: maybe try a work? it is your attitude... if you FEEL great about carrying your bal bag, your WILL look great!!! i used to love carrying my works, but feel better with my WEs so i started selling off my works. its all about what size you personally like. on that note. i am a diehard WE girl, but love my bal firsts too.:love: go figure.......:shrugs:
  12. ...I would love a weekender too, one of the Bal SAs showed me her black weekender a while ago. It was the most beautiful slouchy black I have ever seen and she was able to carry it over her shoulder . She wasn't tall but really slender and it just looked stunning!

    If hubby wasn't really against it I would have gotten one even if it was only for travelling...but I might some day because every women needs a "carry on Bal" or am I wrong:p???
  13. I have this recurring day dream where I am walking through an airport with the Weekender flung over my shoulder. Upon turning the corner, a handsome man walks up to me and flirts -- I smile. We marry. He is David Beckman.
    I am happy.

    Its nice to day dream....... LOL

    But honestly, the Weekender to me is the perfect travel bag since it can fit in the overhead, carry everything you may need while in-flight and still look stylish....hence why I love the men's version since it has longer straps.
  14. After seeing pics of all the WE, I think I am ready to skip the work style and get one ! :smile:
  15. Yep. Big bags are sooo in!