Lusting for a Partition Bag! Any Sales on This Bag?

  1. I want a partition bag - has anyone seen them on sale anywhere? If so, could you post here! Also, if you remember the colors that were there, please post the colors. Thank you!
  2. Yes - at Barney's NY. Call every one of them to see if any of them still have one. You can start with Dallas, but I think they already sold theirs.
  3. Thank you, fiat!
  4. There was a black one at Barneys Madison Ave store and another, but I can't remember the color. This was a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure if they're still there. I almost bought the black one, but I had just bought a black mini-bowling and decided I didn't "need" it.
  5. I got a dark brown one from Barneys Dallas around July 10, but just barely. All the Barneys stores were sold out when I called around, but one got returned shortly after I called, so I got it! There was someone on the waiting list before me, but she turned it down. It was on a major major sale (around $800), so I wasn't surprised they didn't have many.

    I was at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver a little while before then and they had a TON of them. They were also charging a fortune for them, but you might want to check if they're on sale now. Good luck!
  6. I've also seen one on eBay recently, so you may want to check there as well if you really want the bag.
  7. Thank you Kimberf!
  8. Seriously, Holt Renfrew Vancouver had a TON of them -- black, dark brown, and I can't remember if there was a tan. They were CAD 2400 though, which was nuts! If they've gone on sale, it might be decent. Seeing the colors in person, I thought the dark brown was the best color. Mine has really nice leather, and I remember that one of theirs looked almost bronzey. There are pics of mine up somewhere if you search for previous posts.
  9. Any other sale sightings? They are really lovely bags...
  10. It wouldn't hurt to check with Barneys to see if they had another one returned. They were on a giant sale there when I got mine. Liza at the Dallas store was really helpful and did a lot of checking around for me.
  11. I'll call the Dallas store today, as I haven't had any luck just randomly calling Barney's. Thank you!
  12. I called all the Barneys to get mine. Liza in Dallas and Gregory in Seattle were both super-helpful and called me back with updates as they checked the other stores. Extra points to Gregory for doing so when Seattle doesn't even carry Bal bags. That's is part of the reason I recommended Dallas, since Liza knew exactly which bag I meant. I had to explain which one it is at a lot of the stores. But you may end up with a total fluke where one got returned, like I did.

    I did see a post that Holt Renfrew seems to have some other bags on sale, so maybe the Partition too? I realized the 2400 CAD probably included Canadian taxes, which I think you probably wouldn't have to pay either.
  13. lovelygarments, have you had any luck with this yet? I absolutely adore mine and get loads of compliments on it. The leather is just gorgeous. It's well worth the work of calling around. I hope you can find one!
  14. Kim, you are such a sweetheart - Liza is on the hunt for one for me! I think there is a possibility :smile: I'm hoping! I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.
  15. BTW, Liza said to say hi!