Lusting after a suede bag - help me find and/or show me yours!

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  1. I've always loved suede shoes and I'd like my next bag to be suede too! But I could really use some inspiration.

    Do you know of any nice suede bags? Please post a picture or link - and if you have a suede bag yourself I'd love to see it :hbeat:

    I currently own bags from Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Mulberry, LV and Stella McCartney just to give you an idea of what I like. I'm open to new brands although I'm considering the PS1 :smile:

  2. Marco Massaccesi, made in Italy, bespoke for about $400. Here is an example of a nubuck bag. You pick the color, hardware and lining color. Also, most of his bags can be made with nubuck. Very personalized service!

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  3. I know!
    I sigh & flop about on sofa, hoping suede bag magically appears.
    So far, no. :sad:

    Deadly ponies' mr farrow suede is driving me nuts in web photos.
    Smooooooooshy NZ deer nappa/suede goodness. ♥
    Hand-hewn marble button.
    Several color choices.

    Halle Berry recently was spotted with dp mr porter suede:
  4. Classic bag! Love it
  5. Going for real suede and not nubuck which I also have but is more delicate

    Here's just 2:

    Gucci large Prussian blue suede Babushka Boston (now over 7 years old) and blue suede Balenciaga wedge boots


    Gucci dark suede red Lady Web - I would totally recommend this bag. I think the dark red are all gone but they still have tan

  6. Holy crap!
    I actually got her.♥
  7. I second the Gucci Lady Web! It's beautiful and great craftsmanship. What price point/size are you considering? I also like the Gucci Jackie suede hobo
  8. Thanks for all your great tips. I'll take a look at all of ten when I get a little less work - hopefully this weekend! :amuse:

    Katrice9000: around €1000-1400 :smile:
  9. I've seen the ps1 in suede out in the wild a few times recently and they all looked amazing.
  10. If it's not too late, I absolutely second the Chloe faye since you don't have one in your collection yet. It's best of both worlds with leather and suede...stunning.
  11. I second the Chloe Faye, and some Celine bags that have a mix of leather and suede - gorgeous!
  12. I'm on the exact same boat as you :lol:
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