Lusting after a Rafe Kate Wooster or black leather lexington

  1. I have two Rafe Kates and I'm seriously thinking of selling one of them to help raise funds to get the Wooster style. I have NEVER, EVER paid full price or even CLOSE to full price for a bag, so I must be partially insane to be so impatient to not wait for them to go on sale, right?!??!!?

    I have the pebbled leather black one with the two small pockets, EUC that I just got (really like new but a little rubbing on one or two metal pieces) and a like new Linen and black patent one.

    I just LOVE that they have the water pockets and have the adjustable strap. However, I'm wanting one that is like the Rafe Lexington in black leather, but I can't find that ANYWHERE!!!! So, in my desperation, I've actually thougth of just saving up to get a wooster!

    I know some people have said that the wooster looks a bit beaten up, but I kind of like the broken in look for a bag... is that weird?

    Please someone tell me to be PATIENT for a sale!!! Or, point me in the right direction to a great price!
  2. do you have any pictures?
  3. Oh, pics... I don't have great ones as I haven't "staged" them, but here are a couple:

    Oops sorry, initially I just showed the pics adn they were huge. The end pockets are really deep, so you can't even SEE a soda can and water bottle of about 20 ozs. just reaches the top. I'm still carrying with a toddler in mind, so this is important to me - more than anything else.

    Here's a pic of the wooster
  4. Hah! Berryblondeboys, this is the exact bag I want! I love the Wooster Kate hobo, or the Wooster Lindsay Satchel (which is actually $30 more expensive), both in charcoal. I think I actually like the satchel better, because it is not as big, and it also has the detachable shoulder strap. I had never seen a Rafe bag IRL until I saw them at a boutique when I went to Vegas two weeks ago and let me tell you, the leather on the Wooster collection is incredible! I have been dying for one since I saw them! I am in the exact same boat as you; I have NEVER paid full price for any bag! I always get them on sale or on eBay. But I have not seen this bag on sale anywhere. I am currently selling two MJ Collection bags on eBay to get the money to buy this bag. Does anyone have any shoptwigs coupon codes? These bags are also on Does anything at Nordstrom ever go on sale or have online codes??? If I find out anything with my hunt, I'll let you know. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions or coupon codes, please pass them on!
    Thank you!!!
  5. That bag is what brought me here - The rafe kate. I have two. I have the pebbled leather goatskin in black and the Linen with black patent. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag and thought, I wanted to sell the black one for the wooster.

    Then... I started LOOKING, bad, bad, thing. So, I went from not wanting to spend $500 to trying to raise $2000!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crazy! Maybe I'll change my mind! LOL

    However, I will be selling my two kates. They just don't stay on my shoulder. They probably do for most people, but not for me and this makes me REALLY sad because I ADORE this bag!!!
  6. OK, so far I have learned that (which has the Kate Wooster) offers 10% off for first-time customers. There is no coupon code, so you have to call in and they will apply it. Hopefully you have not purchased anything there before so you can get the 10%. It's not much, but it is something!
  7. BERRYBLONDEBOYS, The Wooster Kate in brown is on and they are havng their 25% off sale on all non-sales items right now! Go get it!!!!
  8. I can't see anything about being 25% off... let me check the deals and steals.

    ETA: Nope nothing in deals and steals too... UGH... of course, i would prefer the burgundy or black since I have the Andrew Marc faith in brown that I really love too.

  9. Come on, you can do it. Take a deep breath. Just wait. The obsession will pass!

  10. Well, this bag is not an obsession bag (well it is) but, this is the one bag I'm hoping will be the "it" bag for me for a small PRACTICAL diaper/toddler bag. I need one that will sit on my shoulder. I have two other Rafe Kates (one is already spoken for in selling) and I'm trying to sell the other. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, but the strap slips off my shoulder because it's a stiff leather. I need a soft squishy leather to do that. The woosters are supposedly squishy.

    If I sell that Rafe Kate in black leather, then I have NO black bag. My bags would be this: big diaper bag in cognac, Andrew Marc Faith in cognac and a sports bag and an evening bag, and a backpack... Got to admit, everyone needs a black bag, right? I wouldn't buy a new black bag until mine is sold however.. that's the rub! (I'm a one in, one out shopper).
  11. OK, BERRYBLONDEBOYS: Here's the deal, I went to and they have the Wooster Kate in charcoal for $435. Many online sites offer 10% off for first time buyers, so I just called the site to see if they would honor that, and the CS rep said, "oh aboslutely we will give you an additional 10% off". So with free shipping/ no tax the total came to $391.50!!! YAYAY!
    Go get it!