Lusting after a Mulberry that doesn't exist??!!

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  1. The other day I missed out on bidding for a gorgeous oak Georgie on ebay. I stupidly went out and forgot it was ending :hysteric:

    Anyway, then I decided * I know, I fancy a Mulb in black, I'll just call round and wait till the outlets get one in*

    Quite sensible I thought. Kill two birds with one stone. Except, it seems that it never came in black. *Double :hysteric: :hysteric:*

    So, I was wondering, am I the only one who lusts after a bag, only to find it was never made???
  2. As soon as I saw the Mollie, I was lusting after it in black - I don't have any black darwin and thought it would be the perfect bag.... only to find out they didn't make it in black :Push:

    Also, the aqua Mabel - as soon as I saw it I was dreaming of a large aqua Mabel but they're not going to make it :crybaby:

    And you're probably aware of sarajane's quest for the imaginary bright red Mabel :lol:

    I imagine it's not that uncommon to imagine a bag in a colourway and decide it's the one for you, regardless of whether you've seen it IRL or not ;)
  3. I want a green Mabel - hopefully it won`t be too long for they are done in this colour.
  4. How about a bag they don't make anymore? I'm desperately craving a bays in the antique glace finish they had, in plum or black...:hysteric: If anyone spots one, please please let me know!
  5. Ooo, now that sounds scrummy. I love the plum antique glace. The Roxanne, especially, looks awesome in that colour. Didn't know they did a bayswater in it though. Oh gawd, that's another one for the never-ending bag quest :drool:
  6. Purple or magenta Jody would be wonderful!! Need some more color!! Got a lovely compliment on Jody yesterday from a Ralph Lauren Rep.
  7. Bright red Mabel! I'm adamant I saw a lipstick red maxi one at Shepton but it appears the same colour in the medium size doesn't exist (not at least when I try to buy it).
    I'm always coming up with colours that I think they should do bags in but they never seem to - why haven't they done Mabel or Roxy in coral?
    Green & blue are under-represented too in any styles.
    The red saga has rather put me off Mabel now. I do love the aqua colour but antiqued leather is not going to happen for me, so that's another bag off the wish list.