Lusting after a Gucci Indy-

  1. saw a gucci indy canvas medium size on SALE!! in a shop a while ago but missed it! now i am desperate for one where can i get the cheapest gucci indy - leather or canvas - or any other for tht mnatter!! do telllooozzz

    thnk ugirlies!!
  2. Have you checked out Wait for them to have a 20% or 15% code for extra savings.
  3. yup they have the bag!! yuppieee will keep my eyes open for the deals n steals thread - do they show on the website when they have these offers ??
  4. They don't show on their website. So, keep an eye on the Deals n Steals thread.
  5. I hope you can find one.
  6. bluefly is the BEST! Good luck!