lust vs love at first sight..

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  1. Do u think it's possible to like someone when u don't even know them?? is it love or lust at first sight?
  2. Absolutely!
    As for 'is it love or lust', I think it's different for everyone....
  3. It's infatuation.
  4. i think it is too.. but i just can't get the image of that person out of my mind.. it's like before i go to sleep.. or when im not doing anything... the image would just pop in my head...and it's driving me insane.. i would go out of my way just to get a glimpse of this person.. and i would build up this scenario.. hmm romantic scenario involving this person.. sigh, im sad
  5. It's usually lust at first sight but if you get to know that person it may turn into love. I know how that feels, it's intoxicating. Good luck!
  6. I totally agree.
  7. I hope this doesn't come off as offensive, it's so hard to communicate the right tone online. If you're really feeling this way about a person you don't even know, it's a little obsessive. If you like him or her that much, just start a conversation.
  8. I could see how you think that....I used to think th same thing...but it happened to me when I met DH. I don't know if I would call it love or lust....but chemistry...clicking...
  9. I totally see how you could be attracted to someone right away, and I'm not completely opposed to the idea of love at first sight(I'm sure it happens to some). But going crazy over someone and going out of your way to see them and not even talking to them just seems unhealthy to me. :\
  10. hahaha.. don't wori, im not stalking her in any way.. what i meant by going out of my way to see her is that my friends and i have this ritual that we would hang out every friday night (movies, bowling, pool) but when we wanna eat, i would always insist to them that we would go to the small cafe to eat.. no matter how they argue, i would be adamant about it :smile: hahaha.. i know its not exactly healthy.. but i can't help it :smile:.. im not following her home or sending weird packages to her house or anything.. hahaha
  11. I met my DH on Bourbon Street in New Orleans 14 years ago on New Year's Eve. I told my best friend within the first hour that this was the man I was going to marry, and I was completely serious about wasn't all the beer and hurricanes, I promise!!! I have always thought it was meant to be, as there were over a million people on Bourbon Street that night, we were from different states, 9 years in age difference, and we still ended up together. So yes...I believe in love at first sight...or maybe just that what is meant to be will be!!!
  12. i think im feeling that magical feeling right now.. im just not sure if the other party is feeling the same way hahaha
  13. Wow, anne, thats exactly what happened to me & my DH!!! And I used to laugh at the thought of "love at first sight" before that happened to us. We met at a party, and we both knew that there was something really special. I later learned that he had told his friend, that same night, that he had met his future wife. This was 18 years ago, and we are now married & have 2 kids. :heart:

    But I agree that if you feel like this, you have to talk to the other person ASAP, and make very sure it's mutual!
  14. I believe both can happen.
  15. What a sweet story!