Lust Object du jour!!!

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  1. This bag is TDF in IRL!!!! My co-worker has it and it is so great as a travel bag or a school bag. I want one:p
  2. Soooo.......will this be next on your agenda Krispin?:nuts:
  3. Just an FYI the dimensions on the bag are wrong on I ordered it for a customer, she got it and returned it because it's massive! It's more like 20 x 12 x 5, I think.
  4. It is super cute -- kind of wish that the handles were longer. I'm not sure that it would fit over my shoulder. But it is still droolworthy!
  5. I was thinking the dimensions seemed too small to be worth it for a carry on bag. *L*
  6. That's so good looking! I wish they'd come in other color combos though.
  7. Big is fine, this is a luggage piece not the regular carry-all.
  8. love it!!!
  9. fabulous!
  10. I saw that on the website earlier today......its HOTT!!!
  11. It is adorable! I can see it as a fab travel bag but I dunno, my Large Carly can hold a hell of a lot too! ;)
  12. Wow! That's really cute, but really big too. Too bad I don't travel enough!
  13. Hmm, I was thinking that this would be a good workbag myself.

    If they only made it in black....:sad:
  14. whoa, gorgeous!!!