Lust list

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  1. #1 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
  2. There was a blue python Pigalle. :drool:
    I also really wish I could get a hold on one of Peter Som's booties that he worked with Louboutin on, as well as a pair of the satin Alta Nodo.
  3. oops silly me!!! deleted message whilst testing how the edit works as I'm new on here, so like I said lusting hugely after the
    blue/purple pigalle
    blue/green eugenie
    green or red twistochat
    gold or black patent sanami

    In fact endless amounts of cash would make my feet the best clad in yorkshire!!!

    sorry about the editing mistake above will refrain from playing with edit!!! and if this is a repeat thread sorry but was having a lust moment!!!
  4. black patent no barre!
    5 inch som1
  5. Grey/White Watersnake Altadamas
    Fuchsia C'est Moi shoe boots
    Multicolour Glitter NP's
  6. Blue/purple croc Rolandos
    Nude VP w/Burgundy Tip
  7. :drool::drool: My UHG!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bronze Leather Lady Grey (UHG)
    Black/Grey Satin Striped Armadillo D'Orsay
    VP Nude either in Burgandy or Red toe
  9. Milk patent New Simples!
    Fuschia Declics. mmmmm
    And I would give my left arm for a pair of Para La Cruz or Goya booties!
  10. Lust list means everything I want (eventhough I probably can't afford/find all, I'd love to get at least some of these)
    1. VP nude patent with gold tip
    2. black jazz/patent/pailette decollete (i haven't seen any of these IRL so can't decide still)
    3. beige colored (camel?) kid leather o my sling and/or decollete to match my beige caviar PST
    4. fuschia and/or EB and/or yellow suede declic
    5. leopard haircalf pigalle and/or helmut 100mm
    6. bronze lady gres
    7. taupe minibout
    8. black/dark red patent triclos
    9. (pink)phyton privatita or fontanete

  11. 1. Every Clichy and Pinup
    2. Every Declic
    3. Blue satin Alta Nodo (all the J. Mendel shoes)
    4. Sing Sing
    5. Gold Cage Zeppa
    6. All the Peter Som shoes
    7. Every Isanami
  12. Anything python....
  13. 1. Every Declic
    2. Every New Simple
    3. Gray watersnake Altadamas
    4. Anything Lady Gres
    5. Anything python
    6. Teal/purple/pink suede VPs or NPs
    7. And all the glitter NPs!
  14. An army of Decolletes in every available color and material combination ...
    Solid black, brown/beige and burgandy eel Altadamas ...
    Pewter and black Lady Gres ...
    Bronze python and dark grey python with burgandy tip VPs ...
    Dark red suede Declics ...
    and a black glitter pair of NPs!
  15. Mine's really short at the moment (if we are talking true 'OMG, hit BIN no matter what the price' lust) -

    :drool::drool: Fuschia Suede Rolando (37) :drool::drool: