Lusso Boutique

  1. What do you guys think? This is from their website. Notice the last paragraph at the end.

    We take your privacy and security very seriously, please see our privacy policy page.
    Please READ the authenticity information below. We did our best to show and to prove authenticity, since authenticity issues are addressed in detail below, please do not email us concerning authenticity. If you have the slighest doubt about the authenticity of our handbags and wallets, and other items on our site, please buy them at your local Gucci, Prada, and Fendi store at full retail price for your peace of mind.
    We purchased our goods direct from authorized resellers in Italy. Sanitized invoice (invoice with cost blocked out) from the designer houses in Italy is emailed with purchase as proof of authenticity. For new arrivals, sanitized invoice will be emailed to you in about 3 weeks.
    We only buy from authorized resellers in Italy who can provide sanitized invoices, also known as invoice of authenticity or paper work with their cost blacked out. We DO NOT buy back door factory goods that cannot provide sanitized invoices. Back door factory goods are illegal. We guarantee that all our goods are New and Authentic with sanitized invoices from the designer houses in Italy. The sanitized invoice is emailed to you with purchase as proof of authenticity. For new arrivals, sanitized invoice will be emailed to you in about 3 weeks.
    We further guarantee that the goods in our Outlet department are also new and authentic, these items have very minor cosmetic defects that are not noticeable, and the defects are stated in the description. Sanitized invoice from the designer houses are also emailed with purchase as proof of authenticity. For new arrivals, sanitized invoice will be emailed to you in about 3 weeks.
    All our authentic goods come with care cards, authenticity cards, controllato cards, dust bags were applicable. For example, Gucci handbag comes with card card, controllato card, and dust bags, Gucci wallet comes with all card but does not come with dust bag, where as Fendi wallet comes with dust bag. Lower price Prada handbags do not come with dust bag, higher price Prada leather handbag comes with white cotton dust bag. Each designer brand is different.
    Please also be aware that designer houses changes their authenticity card, care cards, dust bags without notice, this is their way to combat the fake market.
    Authentic luxury goods at a discount
    Many customers ask us how we can provide authentic luxury goods at a discount.
    Each year designer houses has past season products, overproduction, and canceled orders.
    Our suppliers who are authorized resellers in Italy are able to obtain these goods at a great price, since we have a good working relationship with them, we are able to buy these goods at a below wholesale price and pass the savings to you.
    We are an internet based company and do not have the high expense of a physical store front. We maintain the web site ourselves and do not use professional photographers. The photos we show on our web site may not be top notch, but we do take time to shoot 6 – 12 photos for each product so that you are able to see the product at different angles and the details.
    We spend a lot of time taking 6 to 12 photos of each item on our site because our designer goods are authentic and we would like to show you that there is not anything to hide When you see the small photo of the item you are interested in, click on the photo and it will bring you to a larger photo with description.
    Click on the large photo, a pop up window will show up (make sure you allow window pop up). On the bottom of the photo, it will show how many photos are available, on the bottom right, click next to view all the photos.
    According to U.S. and international law, we must state that we are not an authorized reseller nor do we have any affiliation with of all the designer brands that we sell on our web site. is also not endorsed by the designer brand companies. Any mentioning of the designer brands is for informational purpose only.
    Authentication is welcome. If you plan to do so, there are several points to keep in mind. We will send these points to you with your shipping notification.
    Phone: (704) 321-0704
    Store hours: 10 am - 6 pm EST Monday- Friday
    Email us on the weekend, we check email hourly
  2. i have checked out their site, and i think it's authentic, but never purchased from them.
  3. it has some fabulous deals, is it too good to be true?
  4. i dont really konw gucci or prada or fendi, but it's most likely fake. i've seen a lot of other fake sites that look similar.
  5. I bought a "Balenciaga" from this company several years before. It looked really nice. Come to find out, it was fake. I listed it on eBay and it got me into TPF "A place for fakes". I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I hope this company is not still around. The guy paid me for original purchase price and shipping, plus the shipping I had paid to have it sent back to him! Some of the bags are beautiful, but if you are not an expert, be careful.
  6. This site has a Fendi chef bag that I really like. (The only Fendi bag that they have on the site). Since I never bought from them before, I google their name and come across this thread. I hesistated to buy at first, but they show a lot of photos for this bag, I decided to take a chance. I figured I can always return it.

    I called them and asked about the authenticity, they said that they are one of the few sites that shows 6 - 13 photos for each handbag because they have nothing to hide.

    Just out of curiosity, I asked them if they have any Balenciaga bags since the last post said that she got a fake one. They said they never carry Balanciaga.

    Anyway, when the Fendi arrives a couple days ago. I checked it against my other Fendi bag that I bought from Neiman, the authenticity card, the logo on the hardware, the font, inside metal tag, lining, hologram, serial no. stamped on the long leather tag are all the same as mine. They even sent the origninal packaging which has a sticker that matches the authenticity card.

    I am so happy that I took a chance and got an authentic bag at a great price!
  7. This place is bad news.

    Their website says it hasn't been updated since 2007.

    They sell brands that are not sold on third party websites.

    They charge a 10% restocking fee, which is common with sites that sell counterfeits.