Lusia, Melbourne, Australia 50% Balenciagas

  1. Hi all,

    I just came back from the louisa warehouse and they are having 50% off their balenciaga handbags. They only have a few left and from what i can remember they had:

    Brown and Blue twiggys
    Brown first (Cognac??)
    Light grey/brown city (Naturel?)

    They had a couple more, but I was too preoccupied with leaving the store before I totally blew my credit card to notice. Sorry i didn't get more details!

    They are at

    Warehouse 13
    993 North Rd
  2. whattt... whyyyyyy.................................. this is the only time of the year im NOT in melbourne. just my luck.. thanks for the info anyways!
  3. Good God, maybe it's for the best I'm safely here on the other end...(WA)
  4. Louisa has bbags? As far as I know only Miss Louise in Melbourne sells bbags, this is the first I've heard of Luisa also carrying bbags.

    Miss Louise is NOT affliated with Louisa in any way (just FYI for anyone wondering!).
  5. yes, Luisa has some bbags! I bought a Vert Gazon day yesterday at the Collins Street store (161 Collins St). As far as I can remember, there was also a Blue India day and first, a Cafe first, a French Blue twiggy (a little dry looking), another twiggy in truffle I think, and a beige matelasse (not sure if this colour was ivory or sandstone). There were also two little square toilet bags (in Sapin and Bordeaux).
  6. Just remembered there was also a men's besace messenger in a dark colour that I think is Marine.
  7. Do they have a web site? Do they ship to the U.S.?
  8. They have a website: Not sure that they ship overseas. You'd have to contact them to find out.
  9. oh, i wonder if collins st store is on sale too, hang on..what am i doing?? I'm better of not knowing!
  10. omg hope you guys get good deals on bbags..i wish i were in australia right now =)
  11. Casper, yes Collins St is also on sale -- 50% off. Yippee!
  12. Hi, what is the 50% off price ... because bb seem so expensive in Oz, just wondering if it is a good deal ... say for example on the city,
    thanks for posting!
  13. ahh, no i didn't need to know that. Maybe I could look at that toilet bags, their not too expensive. Congrats on your bag by the way.

    From memory, the twiggys were originally $1590, so now around $800
    First originally $1900?
    City originally about $2000 (all in aussie dollars)

    so yes australia is more expensive, but 50% off still isn't bad.
  14. any idea if they take phone orders or post worldwide?
  15. not sure, try contacting them.