LUSH shampoos/conditioners

  1. Anyone use them? Are they good for your hair? I used I love juicy for a bit and it totally fried my hair...though my hair smelled quite nice.
  2. my hubby used to use i love juicy... it's for people w/ oily hair/scalp. i haven't tried any of their others yet. you can use i love juicy as a body wash if you don't want to use it on you hair. the hubby sometimes uses snow fairy on his hair and likes it, but his hair is fairly short and it isn't colored. i'm sure someone on this forum has had experience w/ the other shampoos/conditioners.
  3. I have the yellow shampoo bar with the sparkles and the American Cream conditioner. As much as I like Lush, their hair products aren't for me. The shampoo bar is very drying. I'm using it up as a clarifying shampoo. The American Cream conditioner leaves my hair smelling amazing but it doesn't really add any moisture to my hair and it's very runny so I have to use more of the product.
  4. I love love the smell of godiva. It makes the bathroom smell so nice. But it's just "eh" for my hair. My hair doesn't feel so clean afterwards and is very dry and I need a conditioner (compared to Aveda shampoo which is so nice). Same with trichomania, and the sparkly one (forgot name). I haven't tried their conditioners, but for the shampoo, I definitely like the smell more than the product and I'm hesitant to try any conditioner.

    As for their soap and bodywash (like flying fox), it is a lot less drying than soap from the regular stores (eg target), but it is a lot more drying than a regular bodywash like dove. That said, I'll still buy them because I love the smell of alkmaar.
  5. I use Rehab and Retread. I don't like either smell and won't be buying again. The shampoo lasts ages though, been using the largest bottle and it never seems to run out, been 6+ months, I have very long hair, and my hubby pinches sometimes. I think my scalp is sick and tired of the same ol same ol shampoo it's begun to flake lately right after a shampooing.
  6. their solid shampoos are best!!!!
    the coconut like/smell conditioner (liquid) works well but none of the conditioners have the 'wow' factor.
    they got great hair mask (smells very weird) but works wonders
  7. i swear by pretty much all of the solid shampoos (seanik is my favorite because my hair gets *literally* squeaky clean. but new! and karma komba are close behind). and i use retread as my conditioner. i've noticed a HUGE difference in my hair with retread- i used to have totally fried hair (hair dryer and flat iron killed it), but it's staying pretty healthy and actually not breaking and splitting like it used to. so it's totally worth it.

    the only conditioner i have that i hated was coolaulin, but only because the smell made me gag. in store, it smelled like trichomania (that smokey coconutty smell), but didn't end up that way in the shower. but, then again, lush varies by who makes it.
  8. I agree with the poster who wrote about Lady Godiva. It smelled so good, but didn't really do anything for my hair. I was disappointed because I normally love LUSH products.
  9. godiva is fantastic for shaving. :yes:
  10. Thank you everyone, keep them coming!! I got a discontinued bar of Gentle Lentil which smelled good, but my hair still remains fried - looking.:sad:
  11. i don't usually notice a huge difference with shampoos. for me, it's the conditioner that makes a HUGE difference. have you tried retread?

    and are you near a store so you can get a sample? and with the current clean slate promo in stores, it's a really great time to stock up. (i have a brand new container of it that i haven't touched yet. so if you want a sample, let me know.i think you'd be happy with it).
  12. Ack, no...I live in the middle of CT where there is no LUSH!!!

    I haven't tried retread. Someone had said in the reviews that it smelled of rosemary-peppermint so I didn't order because I'm not a fan of those scents. Thank you for offering to send me a sample :heart: :heart:. I also got Cynthia Sylvia Stout which I might try tomorrow... I'll PM you if the CSS doesn't work well.

    I also put in an order American Cream, but mail orders are on backlog these days. Which do you think is better - American Cream or Veganese? And what do they smell like?
  13. yeah, MO stuff is taking forever and a day to ship out. i used up a gc on the 27th on lush stuff, and it just shipped yesterday. sigh.

    everyone raves about american cream, scent-wise. i haven't used it, though. but i remember being turned off by the smell of veganese (which is reason enough for me to not use it). BUT, the ingredients in veganese are going to be better on hair (like the seaweed, which retread has.) so i think it might be a matter of how much you can deal with scents, you know? i would personally try AC before veganese.

    let me know what you think of CSS. i always just stuck with my solid shampoos, i never branched out.
  14. Lush shampoo and conditioners are drying because of the SLS that is present in them. The only ones without it are Curly Wurly (ALS) and Squeaky Green (new solid shampoo). I adore the scent of Gentil Lentil (discontinued), and I'm smuggling several chunks to use for body wash or if I need to clarify my hair.
  15. I used CSS this morning. hair looks glorious if I say so myself. When I buy a new shampoo I usually wash my hair for about 2-3 days without using conditioner, so I didn't use any conditioner at all today. My hair is permed, and is kind of wavy.

    I love juicy and gentle lentil (well, I used it only once) turned my hair into a sort of frizzy afro. CSS has made the curls more well defined, and my hair looks really shiny.

    Now I will use it for a few more days and see how my hair looks. Waiting for the AC conditioner.