LUSH "Ro's Argan Body Conditioner"

  1. My sister got a tub from her friends for her birthday, so i was curious about what it was. Went in store and tried it - smelled like heaven.

    Been using it for 2 days now, smells so good when i come out of the shower, and even my sheets have that smell! moisturises my skin really well, so no extra body lotion.
  2. One of my all time go to products by Lush. I love it and have my sister to thank for introducing me to it
  3. Sounds very nice
  4. Love Lush products. Will have to try this one.:smile:
  5. Meh. I bought two sets and this was in both of them. I finally got around to trying it and don't find it to be anything special. I certainly won't purchase it on its own.
  6. I rave about it all the time to my friends, the smell is delicious and there's no need for body lotion! It just saves so much time and I know I'll be repurchasing it for a long time.
  7. I adore this product from Lush!
  8. Just tried their cuticle cream which I'm liking..

    Next time I go, I'll give this a try.. thanks for the tip
  9. This product was lovely but I do find it quite expensive.

    So what I do now is to add a splash of olive oil into my regular body wash, it does the same thing.