LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner


Sep 24, 2006
so on a whim i decided to try LUSH's jungle conditioner. i tried it today for the first time and rubbed the bar directly on my head as instructed and it felt like i had no product on my head! i rinsed anyways and my hair didnt feel like it was conditioned and all, and my hair was full of tangles. after drying my hair, it did look shinier and feel softer, but there HAS to be a better way to use this product!!

any tips of the trade? has anyone perfected how to use jungle? TIA!


Nov 28, 2005
so i haven't tried this myself, but from what i've read about it one method of using is to stick it in a cup of hot water as you get in the shower, or to warm it up in your hands, then to basically melt some of it in your hands and apply to hair (sort of like how you'd use lush's baby face if you've ever used it).

if you haven't already, you should definitely check out of reviews on this products and recommendations on how people have found it to work best for them. good luck with it! :P


wake're alive
Sep 3, 2006
i just warm it up in my hands for a minute before doing a few swipes on my hair. no matter what i do, i never get the same in-shower feeling from other conditioners, but the effect after is well worth it. ] while i love how it makes my hair feel, i couldn't get past the non-conditioned feeling in the shower (so now i use jungle to shave, lol). so now i use jungle to shave with, lol.