LUSH FASHIONS - The Company Is A Rip off

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  1. I recently purchased a bag from lush fashions and when it arrived the color resembled the color of poop . .I wanted to exchange it and Lush only provides you with a contact form for customer service. They are based in China and once you have purchased a bag - they will not respond to your emails. They have NO phone numbers, addresses etc. This Chloe Paddington type bag is beautiful, the quality is good and I just simply wanted to exchange it for a different color . They have a return policy of 10 DAYS (which is would take over ten days to get to China anyway) . . .I have contacted this company using a different name about purchasing a bag and they responded within an hour. Whats up with this company? DO NOT BUY FROM LUSH FASHIONS - What you buy is what you get and your STUCK.
  2. They are design inspired bags, so unfortunately you are not going to get the quality or service you'd get with a "legit" company. I bought a Bulga "inspired" bag from eBay (Lush brand) a few years ago, and within a month, the bag had glue seeping thru the leather. I had to throw it away because there is no protection for the purchaser when it comes to Lush bags. Stay away from them and use the cash to buy a less expensive legitimate designer bag. Sorry about your bad luck though. Welcome to tPF anyway!!
  3. well, its not uncommon to get uninspired service on inspired bags. i mean, what can you really expect from a brand who makes a living on ripping of another established artist's design? the legal edge they walk is sharp and not worth our money.

    save your money up and buy a fabulous gorgeous used authentic one from a tpf'er or on eBay.
  4. and , welcome. i hope you enjoy learning about authentic bags here.
  5. No no - I have a different take on it. I've purchased Besso bags from and they've been MORE than wonderful. Truly and truly. Can't say enough. BUT you guys are 1000% right about Lush Fashions. Here's a good one...I emailed them - they had a blue motorcycle bag I was a bit more than the other colors. I emailed them - asked if it was going on sale. No answer. Okay, so I paid "full price".....5 days after I wrote them, I get a response "check out"....okay, I'm thinking - this is a company with 2 websites? This exact same bag from them was $70 CHEAPER!!!!!! I was appalled!!!! I immediately wrote them and said "I want a price difference refund" - no answer. Two days later, the purse arrived. OMG!!! There was a black line going down the front, the leather was was the biggest piece of crap. So what do I have to do now? I have to spend $20 friggin' dollars to send it back to China PLUS pay a 15% restocking fee! Restocking fee? They're going to restock a defective bag???? So I have emailed them like 4 million times demanding some sort of restitution - and nothing. A vast nothing of nothing. What a joke of a company. And not a phone number, nothing. They are AWFUL. So in all respects to other sites that do business with "inspired bags" -, etc., it's not the bag that they're's the quality of the company itself. God knows how many complaints we've all heard about what lousy customer service Neiman Marcus has for online orders....:hysteric:
  6. Teeangel69 -- did you pay with a credit card? If you did, you can initiate a chargeback if the bag is counterfeit. Good luck!
  7. I've also been unimpressed with the quality of their stuff. I received a bag that had a bunch of nicks in the leather. I wanted a full refund, but they only offered to give me a partial refund.

    Yes, did you pay by credit card? If so, do a chargeback...just send the bag back to them.
  8. my friend had the same problem, but she was pretty persistent about returning the bag and they did respond but very very very slow. it took a course of 6 months for her to get the actual exchange. that company is a big waste of money. prices are not that great either. for an inspired bag? no way. might as well go to target for fraction of that price. or you can get an authentic bag that's on sale at a legimate site for that amount.
  9. i never liked this so called inspired bag company...
    they think they're smart enough to get away, but actually they're no better than knock offs
  10. Ugh..I'm sorry you had this problem!
    But welcome to TPF!
  11. hello there, i just joined the forum!!!

    i'm glad i read this because i was thinking of buying one of these bags since they look so good on the site. but i guess that would be a BAD idea....
  12. Lori, actually the bags are not replicas, they are "only" inspired bags... the this red line between a knockoff and a bag that has the same design as a high end bag without the designer tag...
  13. although, i've come across quite a few posts of people having really good experiences with shoplush.....

    someone said:

    "there is an online store I've found that uses very high quality leather and they do not represent their bags as anything other than wonderful leather bags. They are Lush Fashions

    I have a Silverado "style" of a Chloe from Lush; it is luxurious and I love it. it says "lush" on the inside label and it comes with a dust bag which says "" . I also have a Fendi Spy bag "style" from Lush. Same thing. I have been to NM Saks etc. and examined their bags and I can say that the Lush bags are just as gorgeous IMO."

    and another person said:

    "and guys.......the two Lush bags are my faves! Waaay better leather than the Lucky brand, easily good construction as the Coaches......The quality is yummy", soft etc.

    :s i'm confused.....and quite on the fence at the moment. has anyone bought anything from them recently? they might have improved... :shrugs:
  14. All I know about them is that while they claim to be "inspired", any company that changes its website sounds fishy to me. A few years ago, I was considering buying one (before tPF existed!) because they claimed it was real leather, never claimed to be the real thing, and it was what I could afford at the time. Anyway, at the time they used a different website and one day I wanted to look at it again and it *poof* it disappeared! They re-emerged later as lush. It always had made me nervous to buy from a company based in China...I guess now hearing your story, it was with good reason! I would definitely call my CC company and see if they can resolve it. You'll probably have better luck that way.
  15. The only 'inspired' line of bags I would buy from if I had to would be Besso. The quality of leather and workmanship is good for the price.

    Lush is...(can I swear on here?).....

    Dont bother with Lush!