Lush Fashions Red Alert!

  1. As has been previously discussed in this forum, Lush Fashions do not honor the return/replacement policy promised under the heading "Customer Service". I ordered their Secret Compartment bag in size Large, but the delivered bag was a size Medium. Having checked the measurements very carefully against the Lush Fashions website item description, I emailed them and returned the bag the very same day. No answer. Three weeks and six polite but persistent emails later I just have to realise I've been had. Defrauded. Meanwhile, I had a friend try out their email sales service with an innocent question about wholesale deals. He got a reply within eight hours. Including postage I lost € 150 on this deal. I guess the lesson is to stick to the real McCoy. Authenticity, no imitations! And purse lovers, please be very careful and wary if you choose to order from Lush Fashions!
  2. oh im sorry to hear that! what are you gonna do? keep the bag?
  3. I really think something needs to be done about this company. I have heard NOTHING but horror stories from them. Maybe they need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau... or something... it's ridiculous... from bags falling apart, to not honoring their return policy.

    Did you pay with a credit card? Is it possible to have your credit card company stop payment??
  4. Well, I've already returned the bag the same day it was deliverad and the postage from Sweden was approximately USD 40. I emailed Lush Fashions about returning it and there was also an accompanying letter which they have ignored. I paid by VISA/Paypal and since the company is based in China, evidently it's not possible to stop payment. Ridiculous but true.

    I read on this forum that Lush Fashions respond to bad publicity on the internet (which any company who want to stay in business should do). So far, no responses to my complaints, though. What do you advise me to do?
  5. Well, here's what happened. I opened a dispute with Lush Fashions through PayPal, who were very helpful and, contrary to the experiences of others on this Forum, didn't turn the sidpute down because the company warehouse is located in China. However, I got still got no response from Lush Fashions. Before
    I had expanded the dispute into a claim, the bag I had returned to Lush Fashions came back in the mail! According to the postal service, nobody at the return adress had checked it out. The bag measurements they give on their webpage are still not correct and returning bags doesn't seem to work. However, I was too exhausted to bring this into a PayPal claim and decided to keep the bag.
  6. I bought the cognac secret compartment bag from Lush as well about a year ago. I was not happy with the bag because the leather had a weird smell. I emailed them about returning the bag and never got an answer.
  7. These bags are fakes, knock offs... I'm confused why you'd spend the money on these?
  8. I love some of the bags Lush Fashions produces, but I'm terrified of ordering from them. I haven't heard anything good about them.
  9. Does anyone know if Lush Fashions also manufacturers dresses? I purchased a dress which has some leather on it and after wearing it once and dry-cleaning it, the leather was destroyed. Does anyone have any information on how to contact Lush Fashions?
  10. ^^^ The Lush fashions they're talking about sells designer-inspired handbags. I don't think they sell dresses. However, there is a clothing brand called Lush. I have no idea how you would contact them, though.
  11. If you have to buy a Lush, then do yourself a favour and buy it from an ebay reseller. You have much more comeback and they do honour faulty goods etc. There used to be a fab dealer called bunnyhug, but she now has her own website and doesn't sell Lush anymore. But there are a couple of other dealers who are supposedly good but I don't have any experience with.

    I bought a secret compartment bag too, I didn't like the style enough to chuck £1k at a real one, and it turned out to be a wise move as I used it once, hated it, and flogged it back on ebay :yucky::yes: