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  1. Has anyone ever had to return an item?

    The site says bags must be returned to ASIA within 10 days -- seems like that would cost a fortune.

    I've read some good things here about this site -- I feel very nervous about ordering from a company that makes returns almost impossible if you live in the US.

    I would appreciate any feedback. :idea: :smile:
  2. Do NOT order from them directly. Their customer service is appauling. I'm in the UK and a member of another online forum which is littered with stories of people who have had to return items because of faults and they have never received a refund. There is one lady who has a bag which broke the first time she used it and has been trying to get a response from them for 3 months now.

    That said, I have a couple of Lush bags, but I have bought mine from the authorised eBay sellers. I know of 4 UK based sellers whose customer service is excellent. I'm sure there will be some US ones too. I would strongly advise you to buy from one of the eBay sellers, that way you will have some comeback. Check to see if they have a returns policy so that you can return if you are not happy with the goods.
  3. I bought a Sienna bag through a German eBay re-seller from them to see if I liked the style. I send it back immediately after I got it because the quality was crap, the leather smelled and felt like pleather. Just horrible. What I liked was the shape of the bag and therefor I knew that I would love the Sienna which I bought recently. The difference of the leather and quality between a real Kooba and a Lush is huge. If you want to buy got though a re-seller with a good return policy.
  4. Thanks very much ladies! I will not be ordering, needless to say! :smile:
  5. Tanja, did you get a refund or a replacement bag? I ordered a Secret Compartment Bag size Large and got a size Medium. I returned it the very same day (which was very expensive). I emailed Lush Fashions about six times with information about this and there was also a letter accompanying the bag, neither of which was answered.

    Lush Fashions have ignored all my correspondance and I neither got a replacement bag nor a refund!
  6. Returning bags to the warehouse adress in China doesn't work. 27 days after I returned the bag and ten days after I opened a dispute through PayPal (to which I had no response from Lush Fashions) the very same bag came back to me.
  7. I've ordered from Lush directly 3 times with no problems. I've never made a return. I'm not expecting a great quality bag when I buy from them. If I wanted high quality, I would buy the REAL thing.
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