Lush Fashions - A Warning

  1. Hello there

    I wanted to give you a word of warning about Lush Fashions. I bought a Padlock bag from them back in March and it fell apart the first time I used it :sad:

    I have sent so many e-mails to Lush asking for a refund or replacement and I have been totally ignored. Funnily enough, when I sent them an e-mail from an account which still uses my maiden name asking for information about BUYING a bag, they replied!!

    So, I'm stuck with a $120 bag that's useless. I've posted about this problem on another fashion forum and several other people told me that they'd had the same problem as well.

    You can read more about it on my blog:

    Photos of the broken bag are here:
  2. I bought a bag from them several months ago and it has held up like a champ. It might be that particular style or your particular bag.

    Also here is their return policy:

    I hate to say it but you're out of luck. They don't have to respond to you.
  3. Oh noooo, you bought it too long ago to be able to meet their return policy. I'm so sorry you experienced this, it sucks :shame:
  4. Actually, no I was within the refund policy timeframe! My bag broke on it's first outing (the day after I received it) and I e-mailed them that day, and again two days later, and again 2 days later, and again 2 days later - you get the picture! They ignored every single one of my e-mails asking for a refund or replacement. I even sent them photos the day it broke.

    The really annoying thing is when I did a little test and e-mailed them from my maiden name about purchasing a different bag (obviously they didn't know it was me), they replied the following day!

    As you'll see from a comment made on my blog, someone else returned their bag and now Lush have the bag AND her money and are ignoring all e-mails from her asking for her refund.

    So annoying.

    Edited to add - maybe I didn't make myself clear but the reason I e-mailed them rather than send the bag back straight away is because I wanted a refund and not a replacement and wanted to make sure I could get this. In addition, I wasn't prepared to pay shipping or re-stocking fees for a bag that was faulty.
  5. It's not like she just doesn't like the bag, it was defective. I think that they owe you at the very least a response and, if they care at all about their reputation, a replacement bag. I note that in the return policy it also says that they sell "quality merchandise", a bag that breaks the first time you use it is not quality. This is very poor customer service. Even if she was in the time frame for the returns, it still wouldn't be in its original condition.
  6. do a chargeback on the credit card you used. if the goods were faulty and they wouldn't honor their stated policy, then your credit card should refund your money.
  7. I did explore that option Amanda, but unfortunately I used my Maestro card rather than a credit card so I'm not covered. I paid using Paypal so I checked with them if I could get my money back and because Lush Fashions are based in China (you wouldn't know by looking at the website), China is not a country that they cover so that option is closed to me as well.

    Basically they have taken my money and sold me a useless bag which I'm now left with.
  8. Polly, so sorry that it happened to you! I have some friends that have Lush bags, and as far as I know, theirs hold up okay, even when they're not the most careful bag lovers I know.
    Also, the way that it broke is just unacceptable! Before I looked at the pic, I thought it was probably just something came off, but not to THAT extent!
  9. that sucks

    can't you file something with Paypal

  10. Oops, my bad, I didnt read your 1st post clearly. One thing I'm a lil confused here Polly, is why wont Paypal help you? You obviously paid using PP, have you try filing a claim? It dont matter that LF is located in China, they have a PP account and PP should help you imo.

    It is 3 times harder if you paid using other than cc. I have experienced this once when I accidentally bought a fake, I filed a claim and I was lucky the seller refunded the money. Since then I have learned a lesson, that is always pay with cc.

    I just been to the LF website, it is the 1st time for me to go there. Man, they only have their email, not an address or a phone number is listed there. What about in your airwaybill/receipt from LF, is there an address or a phone number to contact?
  11. Do you have any kind of consumer group in your government you could contact? I my state, we can contact our attorney general, fill out a form, and they go after these people to get money back for us.
  12. I feel for you! That is the worst. I only pay with credit card on mail order stuff now for just this reason! Can a shoe repair shop help? At least if the bag is usable something will be salvaged!
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I am based in the UK and there is no consumer rights group here that I can approach if you made purchases abroad. I could approach the Chinese consumer rights authority, however they don't speak English and I don't speak Chinese.

    Paypal will NOT cover purchases made in China. Simple.

    And as someone correctly pointed out, the only contact details on the Lush website is their e-mail address. There was no address, phone number or anything else on the documentation that came with my bag. They're quite good at hiding themselves!
  14. Not much consolation, but as it looks like you won't be getting anything back from Lush, how about trying to get the bag repaired? Some high end shoe menders do bag repairs, and may be able to match the metalwork? At least you'd still have a bag you could use.

    Good luck!

  15. Yes, I will try to get it repaired, although I hope it won't cost too much money!

    I just wanted other potential Lush customers to be aware of their terrible customer service.