Lush coupons?

  1. Does anyone have any Lush coupons? I'm out of my Big Shampoo!

    Tease! (General hair care & holiday offer)
    Valid through October 31st
    Something to tease through your tresses, and a little tease of what’s to come! Spend $70 or more, and get any hair gel of your choice, PLUS your pick of a holiday peak. Choose from two classic bath bombs: Twinkle or a special star-shaped Jingle Spells!

    Just use Promo Code: TEASEME at checkout, and you’ll be prompted to choose your freebies.
  3. Thank you!!!!
  4. bumping for some holiday deals! anyone got one?
  5. For some reason that code doesn't work for me?!?
  6. it's expired.

    the current ones are (all expire 12-10)
    Purchase any four bath bombs and get a fifth one* free.
    Promo Code: STUFFIT01

    Purchase any four bubble bars and get a fifth one* free.
    Promo Code: STUFFIT02

    and a choice of a green goodie (like geophyzz, greenwash, green party bomb, etc).
    At checkout, use promo code: GREENGOODIE01
    And if your order is $99 or more, we'll ship it for FREE