LUSH cosmetics...


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
There is only one store where I live and everyone went crazy when this place was SO BUSY! At first I didn't really care for their products...the hand-made stuff just didn't appeal to me, it looked kinda like children's crafts, and the smell was just SO STRONG in there.

Today I went inside with a friend to pick out a gift for his friend...and checked out all of their bath bombs and looked at some of their bubble bars...with a closer look, EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE inside!! And some of those items are so amazing looking, it's hard to believe they're hand-crafted. I was sniffing a few bath bombs and bought myself the Happy Pill...and I'm off to use it in a few minutes!

Tomorrow I am going back to buy more stuff...I want a few more bath bombs (although I admit they're kinda expensive, but I don't take baths every often, just showers every day :P ..but yeah, Lush products are actually quite pricey!) and I want to try that "Ma Bar" that is chocolate scented! :nuts:
Can't wait to take my bath...hahaha...

Anyways...can anyone tell me more about the Shower Jellies, Bubbles bars, and bath melts??
I use to work there and they have amazing products.

Although I still think for skin care I'ld stick with the bigger labels but for shampoo, bath products, soaps are the best out there.
Has anybody tried "H'suan Wen Hua"?? I heard that stuff is amazing but I actually want more opinions before I go and buy it! I have thick, coarse, dark Asian hair...a little fried at the ends...a little dull but healthy looking overall, just a little coarse feeling. Think it'll help much?
"H'suan Wen Hua" Oh man! I LOVED that stuff! My hair is a little wonky --it's fine and can be brittle, but, there's lots of it...and it tends to dry out. I swore by that stuff! I used to work near one in SF and picked stuff up ALL THE TIME! I still use their snuggly nook creme (or whatever they're calling the neck lotion). I used the Wickey magic massage bar whenever I was at the gym. It gave my muscles a warm down and tingly feeling. I don't know if they still make the "buffy the backside slayer" bar but...when I used that I had the smoovest tuckus in the world! Loved that! I do still have their Pied d' piper--the foot lotion. It smelled like chocolate and cayenne pepper and made my feet a dream.

I never used the shower jellies--I was addicted to the Red Rooster soap bar (it had ORANGE JUICE in it! Talk about a pick me up!) that I couldn't ever get to anything else.

I think I'm due for trip after all this posting about my favorite Lush things! I've been using Kiehl's products for a little over a year now...but, there's still some room in my bath routine for some lush love! Thanks for reminding me about all the yummy stuff!
I love Lush products. I love the smells which are very unique and I love the colors they use to make the bathbombs. They are so pretty. My favorite items are the karma lotion and perfume and I love the think pink bath bomb. Also if you can get your hands on snow on snow body powder (discontinued) that is heaven!
I will definately have to check out a lush store. Normally when we visit florida I have to go to sephora as before there were not any in RI (there is now). I found out theres a lush in florida mall. The products sound awesome.
I've been using lush products for about three years.....I like the solid shampoo bars, the masks that you have to refrigerate, facial soaps, body soaps, massage bars, foot cream, and I have this body melt type thing you use in the shower to moisturize.....sorry can't think of any of the names right now.....
I use lush products all the time. I find the Bath Melts and Mr. Butterball very moisturizing, so I use them only in winter or when my skin needs lots of moisture. Bubble bars are one of my favorite products: French Kiss, Two Timing Tart. Bathbombs are also absolutely wonderful: Sexbombe is definitely one of my ALL TIME favorite lush products.

Their soaps are nice, but a little pricey for what you get. I wouldn't say that they are worth it, though the coconut one smells divine, Honey,I washed the kids one is nice too, but a little sweet.

Their bath jellies in my opinion are a waste of money. It's slippery and goopy and most of it washes down the drain. Plus to have it in the proper consistency for use, you practically need to freeze it.

Their bath bars, like the emperor of ice cream, the new skinny dip are all a sorry excuse for the old bath gels. My old time favorite bath gel was skinny dip (the original). When that discontinued, a lot of my love for Lush died with it. It seems that they have a great product and then suddenly decide to discontinue it for something else. So if you do find something you like, STOCK UP! ;) Good luck and happy bathing!
My name is Jill and I am a Lush ho! :love:

I agree with stocking up on items that are being discontinued. I have about 2 pounds of 17 Cherry Tree Lane since it is being d/c
I love Lush! I have used all of the cacas (sounds funny saying that word), just about every bath bomb, and their skin care line. I am currently using their Afterlife moisturizer, Angels on Bare Skin (as an exfoliator), Pied Piper (I love the smell of cloves), and Soft Coer body butter. I was a big fan of Flying Fox for a while, but am taking a break from it.