LUSH cosmetics: Huge sale!!

  1. Hey there ladies (and gents) I happened upon a GIANT year-end sale at LUSH cosmetics...who can resist their Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo with cognac oil, all natural moisturizers with shea butter, almond buttercream soap for winter skin...and all handmade!! No duane greed in sight!!

    Best part? Just about everything is either buy one get one FREE...soaps? Buy one get TWO free!! Lasts till 1/20 I think!! :tup::yahoo:
  2. I just got myself the "Wish List" set...and got 2 free!

    So it was like $180 with tax for over 65 items! :yahoo:
  3. ooh thanks! LOVE them
  4. Are there price cuts or is it just buy one get one free?
  5. You go ThatGirlGotSoul! Love your waving aussie photo btw...

    And I think there's no price cuts...but you never know, if you go in person to a Lush shop...
  6. I went into an actual store when I got my stuff today, and there were no price cuts.

    But everything was Buy 1 Get 1, and some stuff was Buy 1 get 2! :tup:
  7. Aaaaaaaaaand, I just realized that inside my boxes were coupons for 15% off future orders (starting Jan 1st).

    The code can be used online too!


  8. Whoa! Were the boxes buy one get 2? 3 Secret Stashes for under $300. . . that would be quite a tempting offer. . .

    Anyone remember the Free For All last year? I probably spent $750 but have a whole fridge full of stuff - so really all I needed now was the new things. I'm trying to not be all, "this isn't as good as last year" but I can't be sad since I'm still working through 80% of last year's stash. I'd have to rent a bigger apt to do that promo again! And it caused a fair amount of drama over on the Lush board.
  9. Yup! ALL the giftboxes/sets are Buy 1 get 2 free!

    I just realized that I got 3 boxes for $160, not $180!

    Quite a deal, I have to say. :tup:
  10. That's impressive. Glad I didn't know this earlier as it saved me some back strain hauling home multiple huge gift sets. And it looks like the Wish List has some great stuff in it - enjoy!
  11. Is the promotion only for the items on the list?
  12. For in store at least, it's ANY item made before 12/07. As I was leaving I heard a SA tell someone that as it runs through 1/20, you can still buy an item made after 12/07 and you just get a pre 12/07 item as your freebie.

    The only things I know of that would be excluded would be things like tins, etc that are "non-organic" and then anything made after 12/07 which just can't be your free item.

    Online they started the sale without telling anyone on Christmas I think, and people cleaned it out pretty well. Last I checked there wasn't a whole lot left for free online.
  13. Awe, thanks! She's my little Aussie baby. :heart:
  14. Thank You!