Lush cosmetics 25-day calendar countdown freebie tracker

  1. Hi All,

    Lush Cosmetics :heart: is running a 25-days to xmas countdown.

    Everyday their advent calendar has a new page to click on. Some days just have little proverbs, others have freebies.

    I remember last year after xmas they had a great sale, buy 1 get 2 free etc. (so may be worth the 'countdown' :graucho:

    I didnt see any other threads about this so... here goes:

    1st freebie

    Dec 5-8th Free Bubble bar
    code: CALENDARKISS05
  2. rumor is this years after christmas sale will be buy 1 get 2 on packaged holiday gifts, rather than just all holiday items. still pretty good though.
  3. i think the "clean sweep" sale is every year after xmas. buy 1 get two on most items, and bogo on everything else.....
  4. the sale changes every year. one year was spend x amount, get one free boxed gift. last years clean sweep sale was amazing (it wasn't bogo on everything, but things made before a certain date), but unlikely they'll do that again. holiday items are selling quite well this year, but gifts don't usually.
  5. For every $20 you spend, get a free stocking stuffer

    Promo Code: 20STOCKINGSTUFFER08

    * Free stocking stuffer when you spend $20 offer: Enter promo code 20STOCKSTUFFER08 at checkout and you will be prompted to select your free stocking stuffer(s). Offer limited to Mr. Butterball, Jingle Spells, Christmas Party and LUSH Pud bath bombs, Holiday Bar bubble bar, and Christmas Cake soap. Maximum 4 free stocking stuffers per order. Offer limited to available inventory while quantities last; no rainchecks. Gift cards, shipping and taxes do not count towards order total for offer eligibility. Orders must be placed by 11:59am (Pacific Time) December 18, 2008 to qualify. Offer valid for online and phone orders only and cannot be combined with any other promo code offers. Not valid for purchases in LUSH stores or prior purchases.
  6. 50% off Icon, B Electro, The Godmother and Beautiful Pea Green soaps
  7. Wow. I think they are discontinuing some of 'em.
  8. Their after xmas sale last year was TDF. I bought like $150 worth of stuff...I was hoping they'd do that again, didn't realize the sale changes from year to year. If anybody has any "scoop" on this, it would be appreciated!
  9. Get a $20 gift for just $5 with your next order
    - Spend $70+ and get a gift worth up to $20 for just $5*
    - Spend $85+ and get 2 gifts worth up to $20 for just $5 each*
    Only until December 22nd!
    At checkout use promo code: LL5GIFT08

  10. If any of you ladies do shop after christmas please post what the sales are this year. I'm wondering now if all that money spent on that order was a smart move, i could of waited lol The package won't be here till after christmas away, aww man:push:
  11. the only lush by me is at Macys, does anyone know if they will have the same sales as the freestanding stores?
  12. Is the after Christmas sale online as well as in-store? I won't be near a store then....
  13. They will have it online, but the discounts wont be as great as the instore ones! and Macys will have the same promotion as the freestanding stores.
  14. Thanks for the update Swtest2Lips!!