Luscious MAGENTA Box!

  1. Deana selling your box? Why? :graucho: I love that bag but would rather have your turquoise Twiggy. :graucho: Or the bubblegum. If you ever list those 2 let me know. :yes:
  2. I thought you loved your box too deana...good luck girl!! it's a great price, that's for sure and looks beautiful...
  3. I love that Magenta. Just don't know if i can pull it off. It's very pretty though and a great deal. Good luck with your sale!!
  4. Thanks ladies! Yes I do love it, but since I got the Magenta City, I just haven't been using it. Besides the money will go to a good cause.....for another Bal bag of course!
  5. If I had the xtra cash I would have gotten this in a heartbeat. I'm up to 3 new bbags this month and just can't swing it. Boo hoo
  6. Good luck, Deana!
  7. the bag looks fabulous!

    argh, what's with all the cute boxes/twiggies popping up now!