Luscious Chocolate.....good for the soul...

  1. I have been lurking in the Chloe sub forum for some time now, learning, searching, reading all of the info you great gals and guys share.

    I finally took the plunge and bought a pre-loved 05 Chocolate Paddie and received her today. She is just lovely and the leather...whoa....soft, thick and beautiful.

    And the! Now I know why you love your Chloes and wonder why I waited so long. *s
    PaddyFront.jpg PaddySide.jpg PaddyUnlocked.jpg
  2. Stunning! She looks to be in superb condition!! Congrats and welcome to Chloe!
  3. what a nice intro to Chloe!!! a chocolate paddy. congratulations and enjoy!
  4. :nuts: I really like the colour chocolate! So pretty!! Congrats!!!
  5. What a gorgeous bag! Great color. Now you will be hooked on Chloe:yahoo:
  6. I love your choco paddy, looks so delicious! Welcome to paddy club and enjoy!
  7. Great choice! It's really gorgeous. Let me warn you that it's a slippery slope after the first purchase!
  8. Love the color. It goes with just about everything. Congratulations!
  9. Beautiful! :heart::heart::heart:

    Definitely my favourite Paddy colour! :yes:

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  10. What a stunner of a bag!! Congrats!!
  11. Lindy, that is one GORGEOUS bag. You may have me slipping into the world of Chloe bags. It's seriously delish.
  12. Gorgeous bag!!!! :drool: I especially love choco! Great purchase! :tup:
  13. That leather looks so lush - very very desirable!
  14. Oh that's a stunner, 05 chocolate is one of the best paddy colours ever..!!!:drool: I love the yummy leather too, congrats!
  15. Very cute! May I ask where you purchased it from?