Lurker needs Help buying my first H Bag need help with colors

  1. So i am coming out of the closet .. I have started having an H addiction since early last year. It started with twillys , to scarves, Horn Jewelry and 2 H vintage bags ( i think one is called the piano- both given to me by my mom).

    Now i think i am ready to buy a Hbag... i think my SA thinks so too since they have been offering me Birkins . Would :heart: to have a Birkin but i think i have to start slow or else my DH might do this:cursing:. I decided on getting an evelyne .

    I am debating on 4 colors Gris Tourterelle, Black,orange, and gold. Which one do you think would fit me?
    I wear a lot of black, gray, brown , white, pink, green, blue.
    I currently have 2 black chanels, 3 balenciagas- 1 natural and 2 blues, 1 black bottega, a silver Gancio ferregamo tote, 1 brown fendi spy , and a green Miu Miu ( theres more but i am getting embarrased with listing my collection:p)

    So i am thinking of taking the pludge tommorow .... ladies i need your help!
  2. I think an Evelyne is a wonderful way to start, although to be frank, I started my H addiction with a 30 Birkin which I don't regret.

    I have a gris tourterelle Evelyne -- IMO, I think it's a color that matches almost everything in one's wardrop (with exception of white). So my vote would be for gris tourterelle!
  3. Thanks Tokyogirl... I would love to get a birkin but i think my husband might :wtf: and faint. Since you have the Gris T is it closer to white or heather grey and is the color hard to take care of ?
  4. Gris tourterelle would work with every colour you wear.
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is a photo of my gris tourtelle Evelyne (as you will see, I have looped the strap in half so that it's shorter). It's a lighter shade of gray than Etoupe. It really goes with everything.
  6. ^So gorgeous!
  7. Thanks, Nola!

    DBHAGBAG -- If you are a netural person (based on your list of current bags, it does look like it), gris tourtelle is a good choice for you.
  8. Nola- thanks for the advice
    Tokyo girl- your evelyne is beautiful ... I really like how you looped the strap twice with a scarf.
    I am a natural color person but im trying to have more color especially in winter !
    Still a little indecisive but i think i narrowed it down to Gris T or Gold.. as you can see with my choices natural won over color again:rolleyes:
  9. You are definitely like me! Although I talk about getting red and pink bags, I always end up buying a bag with neutral color. I am also recently loving the gold color! Either is a good choice!!!
  10. Gris Tourelle and Gold are neutral colors. Another neutral color is Etoupe. Since you already have 2 black Chanels, I think you can give this color a pass.
  11. An Evelyne was my first H bag and currently my only until hopefully next spring. :whistle:

    From what I understand, Evelynes are most available in two leather choices: Epsom and Clemence. Epsom is more stiff and structured and Clemence is very soft and "mushy". A lot of us like Clemence because it sort of molds to your body when the bag is worn messenger style.

    Regarding color, if you wear a lot of black, I wouldn't get orange, as it might look too Halloween-ish. Orange only comes in Epsom. If you like a darker/warmer color, I think the gold would be lovely. The gris tourtelle is very nice, also.

    Oh, I highly recommend getting the "2" version of the Evelyne as it has the full-sized outer pocket, which is very useful.

    Good luck tomorrow .... be sure and show us what you end up getting!
  12. there was an amazin' raisin evelyne in clemence at Hermes Madison yesterday and I find the color very very neutral without being loud
  13. i think gris and gold are great choices! though i have to say i'm not sure they'll go with every color you listed. then again, what does? i don't even wear black with brown. for my first i went with black figuring i would wear it forever. and that it would go with so much i wouldn't have to think about it. you can't go wrong with any of them though and the pic of the grey bag has me drooling!! good luck! so fun to get your first H bag!
  14. It seems like you like neutrals...I do might be nice to have a "bright" might be nice, (orange might be a bit much.)
  15. That color is so nice to bad its not currently available in Hermes Bern:sad: ... Hehe maybe for the next H bag ill get that color:graucho: