Lurker coming out of the closet.....

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  1. Greetings, I have been lurking on this incredible site for the past several months and I thought I would finally come out and say hello.

    My name is Lulu and I have turned into a BBag fan thanks to this wonderful Forum and a few friends. My husband was hoping that my addiction would be limited to the bags in my closet (5 LVs, 1 Gucci, 1 Prada, 1 Hermes Birkin). It was only a matter of time before I succumbed to Balenciaga. This past Saturday I ordererd my first BBag from Neiman Marcus a Blue India First. I know that it will be the first of many as I have been searching high and low for a bubblegum first or a metallic pink first and a metallic red first. After years of carring over sized kitchen sink bags, I think I have finally found a bag that will hold the bare minimum.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you and sharing my new addiciton with you.

  2. welcome to the forum....
    this is a fun addiction..... :smile:
  3. Hi luluP and welcome! I'm new too and probably don't have to tell you this board is dangerous to your checking account. :yahoo:
  4. Hi Lulu and welcome to the forum. I am sure that you will love your BI, it's a pretty color. As for the older ones that you want I will say careful if you are looking on Ebay. Have it authenticated here, try to buy from someone on Ebay that is a member of this forum and be aware that there are many auctions with pictures of authentic bags stolen from legitimate auctions. ;)
  5. Hello Miss LuluP! ;) I have a feeling we've met ;)
  6. :cutesy: Welcome Lulu! You are going to love the Blue India, it's a gorgeous color...congrats! Goodluck on your other conquests.
  7. Welcome!
  8. Thank you very much for the warm welcome I appreciate it.

    PowderPuff, I had no idea that Fakes were so rampant with BBags, thank you for the EBay heads up and how to get it authenticated.

    Kristy Darling, I am absolutely positive that our paths have crossed before and that the reason that I have been sucked into this wonderful yet frightening and somewhat scary situation is because of you. I thank you and my husband thanks you.

    I have no idea when NM is going to call me, I'm not sure that I can wait. It has taken me every ounce of energy NOT to cal BalNY to see if they can send me a First in any bright, sexy, scrumptious color.

    The wait is going to kill me.

    I wonder what style bag I'll dream about tonight?
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum!!!!!!! If you need any help, we are all here to help you! Enjoy!
  10. Hi and welcome! You will be broke from now on....
  11. Welcome Lulu, I would LOVE to see youre Birkin! I'm an LV addict 'exploring' the realms of the B-Bag world, so I'm a newbie here too. There are kind and gentle souls here!
  12. welcome lulu! You are in for a long and beautiful ride!!!!!!!
  13. hey ya!!! WELCOME to a NEW and EXCITING world of B-Bags!!! enjoy your new Blue India FIRST!!!
  14. Hi, welcome, and please be careful when buying bags on ebay, I have quoted Powderpuff since she said it so well
  15. welcome, and please post pic when u receive the b-bag :P