Lurker coming out of hiding... Hi Everyone! :)

  1. Ive been lurking and reading for a while here. Ive fallen in love with Kooba bags and just bought my first. A Honey Sloan for $259( from Off Fifth). It isnt my all time fav style, its a little big, but it will make a wonderful shopper and the leather is just scrumptious and tough at the same time.

    I am DYING to find a honey or Black LENA( I want both colors actually). Pre loved is fine. Can anyone recommend some reputable eBay sellers? Or would it be better to stalk them in the dept stores? ( they are mostly gone in the big department stores as far as I know of)

    My second fav is a Paige in Bourbon or Black.

    I had a feeling this first bag would turn into an addiction!LOL Kooba is worse than crack! :smile:
  2. Okay, there are black Paige bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call in San Diego. They are like $300. Then, as of Fri, the Saks Off 5th in San Diego had a honey Lena. They are also on sale I believe. If you need a coupon let me know!!!
  3. Welcome to the KOOBA world. Hmm, since they are older purses especially the sloane and lena in those colors, I would say check out blue fly or other large department stores specializing in older styles like neiman marcus last call or saks off fifth. But i suppose the best bet might just be eBay, but be sure to post whatever purse you might be interested in the "authenticate this kooba" thread first so we can help to see if it is a genuine kooba or not and perhaps offer our two cents.

    Again, welcome! Hope you buy more and more!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Especially with Ebay, I prefer not to have to go that route with all the fakes out there. Ive been watching Nunnla's auctions as I know she is reputable.:smile:

    Since Im in MN, can I call the Off Fifth and Last Call shops around the Country and stalk what im looking for? And order over the phone? If so im doing it asap tomorow am. Id LOVE a coupon, but do they honor them for phone orders?
    Thanks everyone for your help!

    Im afraid you all are correct when you say you can't just have one! Its started already!LOL
  5. Hey Heidi! Are you in or around the twin cities? there is an off 5th downtown. But you can certainly stalk the stores around the counrtry that is how I got my Sienna! From 300 miles away! As for the coupons, I'm not sure, some of the others ladies could probably help you with that.
  6. Im in the Twin Cities, I bought my Sloane from Off Fifth today. The sales gal there said they dont get alot of Koobas in. They had several Honey Sloanes, and alot of Gretchens in both black and Honey. They are also having an additional 20% off the Sale Prices so there were some really good deals there, just fyi!
  7. Oh sorry! I didn't see you said that is where you bought it! I found my Sienna from a post just like yours---someone who came back from shopping to say they had a ton of Kooba's on sale and then I called. So it looks like you're stuck here for a while!
  8. Now I'm intrigued... what else did they have? I actually contemplated going downtown on Saturday, but the constant rain made me lazy.

    By the way, welcome Heidi! :welcome:
  9. Welcome! I have a Lena in black and love it. I saw a Sloane at off Fifth when I was in Nashville but they wanted $386.00 so I passed but it was nice in honey.
  10. Yes, you can totally stalk all the stores around the country. If you need the coupon, let me know. I think that there is a bar code at the bottom that you read to the salesclerk so that you can use it over the phone...
  11. Hi! I am new too! You will love it here!
  12. Hi Heidi, great to have you here!:smile: