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  1. how durable are these items? specifically im looking at the wristlet that looks like a zebra print sort of in silver? thanks
  2. I don't have a lurex wristlet but have the large brooke in gunmetal lurex and it is wearing like iron. I love it, especially as it kind of sparkles in the llight.
  3. I have a purple sig lurex wristlet that I've been using for 4 years with not a sign of wear on it. Love lurex!
  4. I don't have a Lurex Wristlet but I own a Lurex Siggy Poppy Tote and I can tell you since I purchased her last year and have carried her in the snow and rain, she has held up beautifully and still looks brand spanking new. I love this bag and find it is more durable than I thought. I would go for it and get the lurex wristlet with no worries :biggrin:

    below is a pic of her when I first brought her home. The bag is one year old now and still looks beautiful.

  5. I have the Lurex Zebra Sophia and she's been my daily for about a month - no sign of any issues. There's been no glitter flaking or anything, and I was initially concerned about that. I would worry even less about the durability of a wristlet, just because there is less surface area. Go for it!
  6. I am glad to know that a lurex bag wears well. I have been eyeing a couple of bags!
  7. They seem durable, I've just never been a fan.