Lurex Lovers . . . Fyi

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  2. I love the lurex collection. I'm hoping to get my hands on something in raspberry.
  3. :smile: also check nordie's.
    there are pouches and regular wristlets and mini skinny's available too. :smile:
    I love my plain turnlock, i may get another one in a different fabric...they are amazing and hold everything!!!! Perfect in between wristlet and handbag size :smile:
  4. OMG Thank you!!! I've had my eye on the Lurex mini skinny in raspberry and keyfob in silver. The Lurex is soooo nice. I love it! :smile:
  5. [​IMG]
    ^^I want this in raspberry so BADLY!!!
  6. silver and gold only...sorry :sad:
    raspberry pouch, though!
  7. Yeah I love the turnlock wristlet, but I have one in black sig, MAYBE I want one in the lurex or the chocolate brown sig.
  8. I work at Coach and we actually got that wristlet in raspberry. It has raspberry or punch colored leather trim instead of silver but they are available in raspberry.
  9. yup i almost got that one a few weeks ago but i got the mini skinny because i only wanted an ID card holder....hehe
  10. ^ I just bought that wristlet in raspberry! Been meaning to post pics but I've got an exam tomorrow that I'm killing myself studying for. So tomorrow night I'll put up some modeling pics. I think its the perfect size!
  11. I love the Gold, I also found this on the Macy's site and I'm in cute!!! Maybe I can push DH to buy that one for me also...hehe...after all I only got 4 coach items this week, whats one more!!! :graucho:
  12. I'm getting a Rasberry Lurex Wristlet tomorrow for a friend's b-day pressie!

    Now what should I wrap her bottle of Patron in? :sneaky:
  13. I have my black lurex wristlet and plan on getting the mini skinny and maybe the pouch. I love the other wristlet you found.
  14. OOOH i like! Does anyone know whether the lurex items will be released at the stores this winter?
  15. ^^ They are already at stores :smile: