Lured over from Chanel--Need First Kelly Advice

  1. Hi, I have crossed over to the dark side and am now needing/wanting my first Hermes bag, which I think will be a Kelly. I have mostly black bags and need advice on which Kelly might be best (color and leather) if I were to get just one Kelly bag to use and last forever. (Of course I say that now, we'll see!) I am leaning to gold or deep red, but wondering if I should stick with black. Also which leather is least expensive? Thanks very much for your help!
  2. ...just one Kelly bag???:confused1:


    Welcome, sailorgirl!!!

    There is a love for Kelly here and many will recommend the box, gold h/w. Rouge H in box would also be lovely....stunning, in fact.

    Have you seen this Kelly thread? It would be a wonderful place to start reading as the eye candy there alone make it worthwhile.
  3. Are you sure you want a kelly?? There are also bolides which are super and plumes as well which I adore -- both are a little more under the radar and very, very useful! Just a thought...not trying to confuse or anything - oh and welcome! Once you're here - you're usually here for good!
  4. Welcome!!! :yahoo: I'd go with gold for something different from your balck bags but still neutral. Hmmm but red would be gorgeous too! :heart:
    I think Togo and Clemence are some of the less expensive leathers.:flowers:
  5. Oh and btw, I definitely agree with red - H has THE best bags in color IMO -- love the reds - rouge h is a dark red (there's a recent thread on the color) that's not too bright if you're leary of brights...
  6. For longevity and a classy pop of color, I'd pick rouge Hermes Box leather in a 28 or 32cm Size. GORGEOUS!!
  7. Welcome!!! Definitely take a stroll in the reference library, there is lots of eye candy to tempt and inspire you!
  8. also another thing to note is if you like the retourne or sellier style...i'm never good at explaining the difference but it's in the way the bag is stitched. sellier is more rigid while the retourne is sportier and a tad slouchier.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome and the good advice, everyone!
  10. You can't go wrong with any of those colors. Black box is awesome. Gold togo is great everyday bag. Rough H in box or chevre is the bomb. Very special and adds a stunning pop of color. Also, I'm considering potiron as an option - it goes winter/summer like gold - but is orangy and reminds me of Hermes orange (but not so bright).
  11. Don't save your dime on the leather, this is a bag that you will use probably for the rest of your life, so saving a couple hundred $ by compromising on the leather is not really doing much.
    My suggestion is a black box Kelly, the ultimate chic bag and it will NEVER go out of style.
  12. Definately check out bolides. They are more "nautical" than the kelly--if you are a sailorgirl!

    Also, I thought I wanted a Kelly...until I tried on a Bolide. So you never know...
  13. All Such Good Suggestions!!!

    I Say 28cm Black Box Kelly:love:
  14. I couldn't agree more! Rouge H box is absolutely divine. Don't settle for black because you "think you should." Buy what you LOVE.
  15. I think sellier or retourne style makes a big difference, so look in the Kelly thread and don't buy anything until you have seen and touched and held both kinds. Sizewise I find the 28 most versatile for day to night if you're going to have only one Kelly, and black box or gold togo would be timeless and versatile. But it's really a personal preference and everyone differs so the best thing is to try and see. Good luck (I have to say though that if you find a Kelly that works for you, it is not easy to stop at one).