Lured in by an interesting read...

  1. I recently received the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster (highly recommend if you haven't already read it).....and while I expected to uncover lots of seedy details of LV, Gucci, Prada, etc. I didn't expect the high praise for Hermes (Chanel got some good mentions too).

    I was so interested in the small portions of the book that discussed how the bags are handcrafted and how the company has no need to over saturate the market with its bags just to make the almighty dollar.

    It was a very impressive read and has me contemplating some smaller purchases (I've owned twilly & pocket squares, but never any leather goods) to get my feet wet!

    Any recommendations for something small.....I don't get a chance to go to the boutique in Chicago because I live a couple hours I mostly shop online or do phone orders. I'd like to experiment and see different colors/leathers IRL!
  2. A lovely coin purse.
  3. A Ulysees notebook or a karo.
  4. How about an agenda? I find many are very reasonably priced and come in huge range of sizes, colours and leathers.
  5. Check out the enamel bracelets, leather bracelets or necklaces, the agendas or small leather accessories as others have mentioned, or even some of the "smaller" bags like the Evelyne, Picotin, etc.
  6. Twiggs...One Of My Favorite H Scarf Girls;) How Are You Doll? (OT) Happy Birthday & Happy Thankgiving:heart:

    If You Shopping H Online...(Sounds Like You Want Color & Leather)....The Ulysees Agenda/Notebook...Beautiful Leather ~ Sensational Colors & Good Price.
  7. I Read The Book & (Even Though I'm Slightly Biased)...I Was Not Surprised Of The Praise Of Hermes. IMO The Best Can Buy (Not Because Of The Price)....Timeless, Classic...Workmanship Like No Other:yes: & I Go & On & On.....
  8. I was in the Chicago boutique and they have some beautiful colors of Agendas and small wallets I think that you could find something for under $500? I hope that you can find something you like! Enjoy your time there they are very nice! By the way the leather book is up the first flight of stairs next to a small table so you could sit their first if you would like to see all the colors first! Have fun!:tup:
  9. lol hey twiggers, you and I are cheating on Balenciaga and both experimenting with Hermes, eh? I was just lurking but you actually posted!

    Getting your feet wet is good, but be careful, once you get one's an itch, like the Bal itch...I don't know if I can deal with two consistent itches! In the past 3 days, I've bought two Hermes leather items and I'm waiting on another two items to come to me in January. :nuts:
  10. I loved the book!! I recommend it to everyone.

    How about a bracelet Twiggers?
  11. I started with a leather garden tote w/matching twilly. Very chic and only a bit more than a Balenciaga Twiggy (if you purchase from a reseller or gently used).

    I am also a huge fan of the bracelets. That may be next for me!
  12. Ahhhh.........converts! Yummy. Soon, all of you will think only Hermes...Orange will be the only colour for all seasons. Heheh...and all those other brands won't do it for you anymore. And the next time you ponder a large expenditure, you'll think in multiples of Birkins! i.e: "Hmm, should I really get that? It costs close to a Birkin....might as well get another Birkin!"


    "Should I change my car? That's like two birkins...sigh. Will call Hermes and check what they have first.,...."
  13. ^^Oh yes~ Converts we are! I am already plotting my next Bag! LOL! I think an agenda would be great Naomi!

    I just purchased a BJ Vision agenda, she is gorgeous and less bulky than any other agenda (COACH/LV) I have owned.

    The Hermes site has a wonderful description of all the agendas (i.e., sizes etc..) I think your money would be well spent on something you can use every day. Here is my agenda...
    Nov2007 018.jpg
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:Please marry me...:upsidedown::lol:
  15. I will recommend a wallet as that is something you will use very regularly and pretty soon, have a good idea as to how good Hermes really is, then you can contemplate bags etc.