Lured back by this 07 Morgano City!

  1. Hi!

    I've been away for sooooo long, and have been so good this year with my self-enforced purse ban.

    Until Cult Status tempted me with the Morgano City!

    Some of you might remember these photos of the two bbags which started off my collection:



    Well, my little boy has grown up a little now :love:


    (we've just moved into our new house, and the landscaping is not done yet, hence the bare ground in the background!)

    I love this bag, the leather is thicker than my 06 bbags, and the city is a perfect size for me. I think I'm a convert :p

    However, I would like a day too, and am on the waitlist for a S/S 08 Magenta Day with GSH!
  2. awww so cute and handsome!!! (and your bbag aint that bad either!!) kidding!! love them both! .. the color and leather look amaizng! .. give him a big hug for me and squich your bbag from auntie beautiful stranger haha
  3. OMG, I love the two pics with your baby and your Works:love:

    Both your baby and the new Mogano City are gorgeous:heart:

  4. OMG!!! your boy is too cute! love that grey WE you got! is it 05 or 06 grey?
  5. Thanks gals!

    Ali, it's 06 grey.

    I don't use it much these days, the days of having to lug around loads of nappies, change of clothes, bottles, baby paraphernalia are long gone :p

    Plus, the leather seemed to be really thin, I'm petrified of breaking it!
  6. Cute Cute Cute
    I have to say I didn't even notice the bags - just the boy!
    glad you found a bag you love!
  7. Good choice! I love morgano and the leather on all of them is TDF!
  8. I love mogano!! I'm impatiently waiting for my own mogano city to get here from Barneys, and hope the leather is nice. :sweatdrop: i called for a tracking number and the SA acted like it was a HUGE effort to get it for me and hasn't gotten back to me. He even asked me WHY I wanted the tracking number... uh, maybe because I want to know where my bag is if I spent so much $$$ on it??? At least I can look at yours for now and dream... just beautiful!! :tender:
  9. I've found customer service at Barneys to be incredibly subpar. I thought it was just me, sad to hear they're like that relatively often :sad:
  10. OMG! your boy is soooooo sweet, i can't believe how cute this pics are! Love your bags too, but your boy, he's so beatiful :heart::heart::heart:
  11. I soooo remember your original post about the grey WE or the ink work! It's great to see pics of your grown boy and your new addition--mogano! Isn't the leather on the mogano so thick and chewy? I love mogano! Anyhow, congrats and welcome back to u and ur son!
  12. Cutest post ever!
  13. oh my! your baby is so cute and he has great taste! congrats on the magano! love your collection.
  14. Your son is such a cutie! (not to mention the gorgeous bags!:p)
  15. So soooo cute :heart: gorgeous pictures, thanks for posting them!:girlsigh: