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  1. I am so sick of what I eat for lunch its always either honey turkey and tomato on whole wheat or occasionally on a roll. I switch it up to egg whites every once in a while or a salad. Any suggestions on what I can eat low fat low cal but different?:blah:
  2. I try and make a substantial salad when I get bored with sandwiches. I buy rotisserie chicken at the store, remove the skin and shred the white meat and make a salad with romaine lettuce, sliced celery and carrots, and fat free shredded cheese, sliced hard boiled egg whites, and 1/2 sliced avocado with whatever dressing I feel like using. It becomes much more like a meal. You can leave the avocado out if you prefer for less fat, but I find it really makes it more enjoyable for me.

    I also do lowfat chicken salad. Using the rotisserie chicken white meat (no skin) I shred about 3 oz's. I add 2-3 celery stalks chopped, 2 claussen garlic sandwhich slices chopped, 1 tbsp of fresh parsley minced, a 1/2 tsp of dijon mustard, 1/2 tsp of lemon juice, pinch of salt and pepper,1 tbsp of fat free sour cream and if you want to make it taste more like reg chicken salad add a bit of reduced fat mayo. It is low cal and tastes better than real chicken salad IMO. I put it on light wheat bread or whole grain with some lettuce slices and finish it off which a side salad or fruit.

    now I'm hungry ;)
  3. soup- there are so many varieties out there that its hard to get sick of it! A lot of weeks I make up a big batch of soup (italian wedding, matzoh ball, barley mushroom chicken, turkey chili are all examples) and I make sure to load it up with veggies and keep it low fat. I'll have a big bowl of soup and a yogurt and piece of fruit.

    another idea if your sick of sandwiches is to maybe try a wrap or pita pocket to change it up a bit. or add different veggies to your current sanwhich (ie cucumbers, peppers, onions) I also like hummus on a lot of sandwiches.

    hope that helps!
  4. Beans! Very filling.
  5. Oatmeal.
  6. i have weight control oatmeal every am mixed with bear naked fit granola.. so good..great tasting filling breakfast with coffee
  7. I usually try to do the substantial salad thing too...always a protein on it..chicken or boiled eggs..makes it more filling. I have been doing the chicken salad with romaine, green onion, chicken and some.. not alot..(because I like something crunchy in my salads).. of those chow mein noodles..and Trader Joe's spicy asian dressing/vinegrette 70 cals for 2 Tablespoons..not bad..I could eat it everyday. I just can't have doesn't fill me up.
    Soups too..something with vegi's, beans,etc....
  8. These are some of my favorite lunches...
    - 1/2 cup of whole wheat spaghetti w/ marinara and roasted peppers
    - organic salad mix from Costco w/ tuna, olives and whatever else I feel like throwing in
    - tuna made w/ a little light mayo (or egg salad made w/ whites only and light mayo instead of regular) on whole wheat bread, or half of a whole wheat wrap or pita
    - turkey or lite ham on whole wheat
    - chicken soup or tomato made w/skim milk
    - Cabot reduced fat cheese w/ reduced fat crackers

    usually I add a 10 calorie Vitamin water and a fruit or some raw carrots, and sometimes a Greek yogurt too (Stonyfield makes tiny little containers that are great). Other days I just bring a big yogurt and a big fruit salad as my main meal. I feel like I have lunch A.D.D., so I have to mix it up!

    Also, idk if you guys have tried these, but PopChips are reeeeally good. They totally fulfill that salty/crunchy craving, but they're only 4g of fat and they're all natural! Sometimes I'll bring like 1/2 a turkey sandwich, some popchips and a fruit or veggie. It makes for a very satisfying lunch :yes:
  9. I have to eat low fat all the time and here are some things I eat that are easy to make.

    Baked potato with lowfat sour cream and a tiny bit of smart choice butter
    Chicken breasts grilled on foreman and I add a marinade thats low fat while cooking.
    Turkey chili made with 1% fat ground turkey
    I buy whole turkeys and refrigerate the meat and snack on it for days. I make sandwiches and sometimes just eat it plain with the zero fat gravy in a jar on top of it.
    Hebrew national makes very low fat beef hot dogs and another brand maybe oscar meyer? makes one that says roasted turkey on the package.
    I buy the Ronzoni garden delight spiral noodles and mix it with low fat italian dressing and some veggies for a pasta sald.
    Salads with zero fat feta cheese veggies and a few croutons ( they are low in fat )and lowfat dressing.
    Tomato soup or lentil soup
    I buy earthgrain multigrain thin buns and toast them and add sabra red pepper hummus and veggies
    Tuna made with lowfat mayo
    Healthy choice meals are pretty good and lowfat.

    I will have to try those popchips!
  10. Chicken breasts (add your fave marinade)
    Lean pork

    Really, any lean meat is good. Turkey, Roast Beef, stuff like that. Add low fat/non cal things like dressings or marinades to spice it up.

    Spinach, asparagus, green leafy veggies.

    Beans, legumes..

    It's just about combining low fat, low carb items into meals.