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Dec 18, 2009
I am sharing this information just in case another Coachie is struggling to find a nice lunch tote. I recently bought a new lunch bag - but it wasn't Coach and it was quite inexpensive - but I'm very pleased with it!

I take my lunch to work almost every day and my old, dull, beat-up, Eddie Bauer, insulated nylon tote was finally falling apart. I wanted to find a replacement that had a little style so I eagerly looked for Coach lunch totes. The bags I found were absolutely darling - but I would never dream of putting my lunch into one of those beautiful, expensive bags!

I pack my lunch the night before and put it in the frig so that I can grab it and go in the morning. When I get to work I put it into the crowded, communal refrigerator. I often eat at my desk and I need something insulated and easy to wipe clean (inside and out) in case of leaks.

I wanted a light-weight bag that closes tightly and has a long, adjustable, hands-free, strap because I frequently schlep a lot of stuff with me on my work commute. I wanted a good-sized bag because I sometimes bring leftover containers, but I didn't want anything huge. I also wanted a couple of storage pockets.

Sadly, the beautiful Coach lunch totes didn't meet my needs so I checked out D&B's clear, plastic lunch totes. I thought that they were rather flimsy, uninsulated, don't close, and have delicate, light-colored, leather handles that would be impossible to clean (and I don't always want people to see what I'm having for lunch, anyway!)

One of my sisters loves Vera Bradley bags but I've never been a fan, too much quilted-cotton and garish paisley for me. So I surprised myself when I finally found the perfect "mini-cooler" at the VB FP store for just $25! It is PVC (or plastic) coated fabric and totally meets all of my requirements.

I didn't care for some of the more "vibrant" VB patterns but I bought a bag in the Calypso pattern (see the pic below that I borrowed from ebay, NMA). So if you are looking for a cute but practical lunch tote my advice is to check out the Vera Bradley store!


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Jan 3, 2010
Nice tote and nice price! I need to develop the discipline and forethought to carry my lunch consistently.

I was thinking Coach should come out with a coated canvas lunch tote or something like a mini picnic bag, but if I left a nice lunch tote in the communal work fridge I would be afraid someone would mess with it or something gross would drip onto it :s Thank goodness for wipe-clean fabrics. Then again, I'm a worrywart with less-than-stellar community fridge experiences!
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Feb 9, 2010
I have the same "mini cooler" in both calypso and pink cupcake!!!! Very versatile, and they both look great with my navy blue Coach Tribeca!!!!


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Sep 18, 2009
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Cute!! I usually don't go for VB but I do like the pattern on that one!! Nice!! Congrats!!

I've always carried my lunch in one of those cute plastic totes from Bloomingdales that say "Little Brown Bag"...surprisingly has held up for years now!
Aug 24, 2009
Oh how cute is that?! I am awful about packing a lunch...but a little inspiration never hurt! That's super cute!


Jan 14, 2008
Cute lunch bag, I don't care for VB bags, but wouldn't mind carrying that one for lunch. It's definately toned down and not all over the place in colors.


Jul 29, 2009
I prefer the insulated kind so I don't have to put it in the communal fridge (ours is always smelly/grungy even though it's emptied and cleaned every week).

I'd love a Coach one if it was insulated (since I'd keep it at my desk anyway, I wouldn't worry about drips/smells/ theft).

I've seen some nice ones called "Elle" - not sure if they have anything to do with the magazine or not, but they were in a bookstore.

They looked like stylish purses (not the "kid's lunchbox" styles they sell in Walmart and such). Prices were around $20-25 depending on the size/style.