Lunch time is evil

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  1. After a nice Vday lunch with the SO, I found myself in the Bal boutique enroute to the office. With an upcoming company do when better to reward myself with a pressie especially on this day of lurve.

    I am officially in :heart::heart::heart: with my new baby (shhh... dont let the SO hear this).

    Here's the fruit of my lunch time shopping - Black GSH Envelope Clutch :yahoo:


  2. congrats!!! its lovely, if you can post model pics, please!!!
  3. my god that's beautiful! What a nice lunch- and no calories!
  4. i love it! :yes:
  5. Gorgeous bag!!! I looooove the envelope chic in black!
  6. Beautiful!!!Love it!!!:love::smile:
  7. Nice! The perfect lunchtime treat!
  8. Wow... being in front of a Bal. store during lunch time..could be so dangerous for me!!
    This clutch is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Perfect Valentine's Day! :yahoo:
    Will you take her out this evening?
  9. Congratulations! Love your new clutch. It's really lovely.
  10. It's gorgeous!! Congrats.
  11. WOW! My jaw literally dropped when I saw that! It is sooo stunning! I love it!
  12. Congrats! Sounds like an expensive lunch! I think this style looks especially good with the GH. Beautiful!!!
  13. thanks verty, Charlestonista, greenlady, BadgerGirl, Babi, karo, Moonstarr and Carmen!

    lovelv model pics will come tomorrow when I take her out to the company do ;)

    mercer no more lunch money = no more calories... bad for the bank tho lol
  14. cOngrats!!! it's lovely :tup:
  15. love the clutch! ever since i saw peppers (?) modeling it... definitely an awesome piece :graucho:

    Happy valentines day..nothing like treating yourself :love: