Lunch Bags in stores?

  1. Has anyone seen the clear lunch totes in department stores? I've looked in three Macy's and two Boscovs last month and didn't find any. I'd really rather buy something from there to avoid paying shipping.
  2. I haven't seen them yet. I saw the first it style at the outlet last year and it looked pretty durable. You definitely need to see it irl first.
  3. I have one. I bought mine I think from either D&B's website or eBay. I bought is so long ago, (the beginning of this year) that I dont remember which one. The thing I dont like about it, is that everyone can see the food that's inside of it.
  4. so pack cute food? lol hehe jk
  5. macys only carries a certain amount of styles of coach and dooney, i don't think we ever had the lunch bags.
  6. its really not that great mine broke actually started to tear from the edges i just threw it out
  7. really? did you call D&B to see if they could replace/repair it? what did you have in it that may have been too heavy?
  8. only carried my lunch in it it started to tear at the seam on the corner
  9. I've tried to buy that bag twice already at Macy's. Once when it was Marshall Fields and she said it was a "premotional gift" only. I asked how much I had to buy and she stated they weren't available for gifts yet. But lady you have a stack of them RIGHT THERE?? lol

    Then I went back and they had them out behind the counter on a case. I asked to purchase one and she told me they were limited and all spoken for. Huh?

    I honestly felt so shunned. I couldn't believe it. It reminded me of the scene on Pretty Woman. I was already holding my $2,000 Louis Vuitton bag so I just shoulda gave her the 'BIG MISTAKE. Huge.' line... hehe. So oh well. I'll take my business elsewhere next time!

    I hate to read someone's broke. But it just makes me even more glad I couldn't purchase it.
  10. That's wierd :shrugs: Mine has been fine with me putting a lot of stuff in it, carrying it every day.
  11. why don't you buy it from their website? they don't charge tax and i believe it's only like $5 for shipping..
  12. its very "chuute" as roomie would say.. and yes if we get one of these.. we will most likely be carrying our cute deelishioso goodies in it!
  13. I don't think dept stores ever did have them, and they were so popular when they came out they were backordered for weeks in the stores. I got mine online to be sure I got one.
  14. no doubt
  15. Same thing with mine. It's not sewn at the edges, so I can see how it gave out. I just didn't expect it. I got it free when I worked at Nordstrom, so I didn't think I had any recourse and tossed it. I still want the Madras tote, though. And, if it rips, I will send it back.