"Lunch bag?"

  1. I'm looking for a cute, very sturdy, tote to carry bottled water and food items to and from work. Does anyone have a suggestion for a brand or a website?

    My price range would be under $100, really would prefer under $50.

    I know this really isn't about handbags, but figured you all would have some great ideas.

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I found a perfect leather lunch tote at Wilson's leather - just big enough for lunch items. I bought it on sale (1/2 off) for $20.
  3. I fell in love with a clear D&B lunch bag for about 40 w/ S&H. it's on their website under lunch bag, when I got mine in janurary it was on back order since it was brand new, but, I think it's not as in demand as it was before. I never use mine for lunch, just as a regular bag really, it was just too cute. :smile:

    I actaully just checked and it's still backordered lol. the model # tho is MJLB2 :smile:
  4. What about one of the Longchamp pliage bags in a small size? I find that they are quite handy for carrying things around and when you don't need it, it can be folded away.

    Not sure how much it costs in the US, but over here in the UK, it would fit within your budget.
  5. [​IMG](39.95)

    i'm a bit off topic, i just tried to find something very practical!!!:lol:
  6. Thanks for the suggestions!! I love the Dooney lunch bag. I saw the ones on ebags, but no real info on the insides put me off.

    I forgot all about Zappos!!!!!!!!!!!! Checking those out, thanks!!!!!!!!

    :heart: :biggrin:
  7. OOh-I really like the Elle ones-might have to buy one of those! Oh-and the green one has an Insulated hot or cold retentive interior-very nice!

    JaneAnne-I am finding info on the interiors on ebags:flowers:
  8. I love the J Crew Montauk totes, they couldn't be more versitile. Land's End and LL Bean also have customizeable canvas totes. They all run about $20-30 for a small tote. Good luck, all the suggestions on this thread are very cute!
  9. My lunchbox is the essence of style :cool: - it's one of those soft, neon colored lunchboxes you get at Walgreens for $4. I don't care if it's ugly. The only place it goes is the fridge :lol:

    Sorry, I'm not much help!
  10. What I should have said was I couldn't find info on whether the bags had inside pockets, etc. I saw where it said they were insulated.

    Sorry :shame:
  11. I agree. Plus, you can use it as a regular handbag as well. Very versatile and easy to clean.
  12. How about this Milano lunch tote? Too small?


    The Milano Tote is a great gift for those with an active lifestyle. This chic, insulated tote is a perfect gift as a lunch bag, purse, make-up bag, or poolside necessities tote. The heavy-duty, form-fitting neoprene fabric has an insulated lunch compartment and an insulated drink compartment, which holds two small cans or one 0.5L water bottle. A zippered closure keeps items secure and also has clear acrylic handles and an attractive, exterior utility pocket. When ordering in quanities of 20 or more, please contact our special services department for discount pricing or for corporate logo imprinting.

    Available colors: Red Orange Lime Black

    Dimensions: 9.75" x 10.5" x 3.25"
  13. Sorry! I accidently skipped over the post saying exactly what I had to say. :smile:
  14. I use the tote bag I got from Neiman Marcus's beauty event a few years back. But I have stuffed my lunch into my Spy bag when I didn't want to carry an extra bag.