Luna's collection

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  1. that's so weird.. I had no idea you posted in here.

    Let me look around my computer and see what other pics of my bag I have.
  2. Here ya go.



  3. Beautiful collection. You have a great variety of colors. So pretty.
  4. Lovely collection-
  5. gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Lovely collection!
  8. Very nice!!
  9. Thanks everyone! :smile: I just got the bordeaux MJ satchel... I think I'm a bit scared to "pop it's cherry" and use it..
  10. thank you Luna~ for the pics of the RM morning after. it's really beautiful. i have my mind set on the mini MA in royal, after seeing all the great pics you and other TPFer had posted.

    and your new MJ satchel is really lux! have you started using it yet?

    thanks again~ you're so sweet!!
  11. Great colors!
  12. great colors!
  13. pretty collection, i love that black stella.
  14. great collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  15. I love the variety of shapes and colors!