Luna's collection

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  1. Those are beautiful!!Love the colours!
  2. Love all the different colors and styles! Great collection! : )
  3. beautiful collection!
    thanx for sharing! ;)
  4. Luna, very pretty collection you have there. How do you like the Elliot Lucca bag by far? Is it roomy, heavy? I was thinking of getting the Georgia shopper II. TIA!
  5. Lovely collection!!
  6. wowow nice colour
  7. I'll post more pics for you later tonight, Karo ;)
  8. Hey Wen, my elliot lucca bag is not heavy at all.. it's a good quality bag. I haven't worn it much because it's my one white bag... paranoid of getting it dirty... but i love it so much. :smile:
  9. love the BCBG hobos
  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your BCBG bags! I've been wanting one (or more!) myself for quite some time now!
  11. Cool bags!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. hehe i know this post was from a long time ago but am wondering if there are more pics of your lovely RM bag to see? i am contemplating on the royal or the royal with basketweave like yours.

    thanks a bunch~

    btw i love your MJ bags too. you have a great collection and variety!!
  13. Nice! tnx for sharing
  14. great BCBG purses.
    I love BCBG
  15. nice! thanks for sharing!