Luna's collection

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  1. Great collection! I really like the BCBG hobo's and your vintage pieces!

    BTW - you stated some of the bags were "Homemade"... is that the brand, or did you make them yourself? (sorry if that was a stupid question!)
  2. i like it.
  3. I like your Sigrid Olsen orange bag. Very nice collection.
  4. Love your Andrea Brueckner! Very nice collection.

  5. Made them... I studied accessories design ... and decided to get my own machine... now I have my own little sweatshop. ;)
  6. nice collection.
  7. Updating... this is what I've bought since Feb.

    Marc Jacobs Stella LE
    Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tina in Firebird
    Michael Kors Astor overnighter in luggage
    Anna Corinna Lady Duffle in black
    Kenneth Cole Hudson Rivet in Plum
    Rebecca Minkoff Morning after bag in royal/brown
    Furla Farrah in olive

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  8. Cute collection!
  9. Lovely soft-looking bags in gorgeous colours - they all go together so well!

    Beautiful! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. nice collection...thanx for sharing
  11. cute bags you got there.. love the variety..
  12. Thanks everyone :smile:
  13. lovely collection.
  14. Nice variety. love them all!
  15. Love collections that are so varied in color!! So pretty!! I love the Sigrid Olsen orange bag and your MJ bags!:love: