Luna's collection

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  1. Hm... not all of my bags are in one place right now, but I decided to photograph some of my favorites that I have here in my apartment.


    From top left to bottom right

    Vintage Fendi Dr. Bag
    BCBG Khacki Multipocket Satchel
    BCBG Large Sable Brown Signature Hobo
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Turquoise Satchel
    BCBG Small Signature Hobos in Forest and Turquoise
    Maxx Black leather zip tote
    Allison Burns Faithful bag in Midnight
    Vintage Mini "briefcase" with funky gold hardware
    Vintage shoulder bag/clutch patent and velvet)
  2. I love your BCBGs. I had a turquoise one in my hand a long time ago and put it down instead of buying it. I still regret not getting it to this day! Thanks for posting pics!
  3. VERY nice!!!
  4. I love the colors! The dark blue one is very pretty.
  5. I really love the BCBG hobos! How does the leather feel? As soft as it looks? You must really love the style!
  6. The BCBG bags are great! :love: I looked at these in the boutique when they first came out, didn't buy and when I went back to get the bag they were sold out.:sad:
  7. Oooh, love the vintage Fendi !
  8. Nice roomy bags!
  9. Haha.. I ran into some trouble when I went to post this yesterday.. so thanks to Meg or Vlad for moving it. ;)

    Here's the second half of my bags that I tried to post yesterday with the first pic... oh well.. lets' try again


    Handmade tan, turquoise, and bronze hobo with ruching
    Handmade Turquoise hobo with bronze and turquoise metallic
    Ellen Tracy Cargo Pocket hobo (Sample from an internship)
    MZ Wallace Desert Camo Willow bag with pink trim
    Sigrid Olsen orange leather hobo (another sample)
    EA by Aigner Flower Satchel (another sample)
    Banana Republic Green leather Rocker tote
    Andrea Brueckner large brown woven hobo
    Elliot Lucca White drawstring shoulder bag

  10. The leather has a nice pebble texture to it... it its very sturdy leather.. I feel like these bags will last forever. Yes... I do like the bcbg bag a lot.. lol.. I only paid full retail for the turquoise, the green i got for 99, and the large brown i got on ebay for 1/5th of the retail price :biggrin:
  11. WOW!!!!!!!! What a great collection! thanks so much for sharing!!!
  12. Lovely collection! I love your BCBG hobos!
  13. Great collection. The vintage stuff is so interesting!
  14. i love the colour of your Alison Burns!
    its not very often you see one in that colour.
    good choice!
  15. I love yours..
    Nice collection.. :smile: