Lunar New Year Pressie for Mommy!

  1. It's the tradition to get new clothes and stuff to celebrate the Lunar New Year :smile:
    I hope she likes it!
  2. let's see!
  3. It's the Monogram Montorgueil PM!
    And some Lunar New Year envelopes :smile:
  4. Awesome bag, I love it and I'm sure your mum will too :biggrin:
  5. That is one gorgeus bag! I am sure your mom would love it! Actally, iwant one too...
  6. Here's a pic of the side pleat too :smile: It's so roomy. I hope it's a good size for her, she's always saying my bags are too big...

  7. I think she will definitely love it! It's a beauty!
  8. You are such a great daughter! I'm sure she will adore the bag!
  9. Thanks gals! :heart:
  10. Oh !!! it's soooo cute !!!
    Can it fit on the shoulder?
    Any chance you have inside pics?
    CONGRATS !!! I love the montroguiel !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Very cute, new things for the new year !
  12. Oh yes it's meant to be worn on the shoulder very comfortably, it's very cute! I thought it'd look rather plain when I saw the pics in the SS thread, but I think it looks just fine IRL :smile:

    Here's some pics of the insides. It's close to the price point of a speedy, and the inside is just like a speedy's too, with just a patch pocket.
    And it came stuffed with bubble stuffing to keep its shape :smile:


    R0010884_1.JPG R0010885_1.JPG
  13. Coincidently, I bought the same one (in GM) to share with my mum!!! Congrats..
  14. i'm sure she will love it. :yes:
  15. looks like a winner! she will love it!