Lunar Eclipse

  1. Anyone else notice the lunar eclipse that is currently occuring in the US? It's beautiful!!
  2. I can see it right now! Kind of red/purpleish right now. You can see a sliver of the moon's normal color.
  3. Yes. over here enjoying it.
  4. Yes, we were just outside watching it. Beautiful night!
  5. it's gorgeous out tonight at the coast....the moon has turned all coppery brown. this hour (7-8 PST) is supposed to be the darkest all night. happy skywatching!
  6. I was only able to catch a glimpse of it. It's pretty cloudy over here. :sad: But what little I saw is very cool!
  7. Froze my butt off (currently 14 degrees here), but went out to watch it! It is gorgeous!
  8. What an amazing sight. I took this pic from my front yard at 9.55pm.

  9. Wow, you have an amazing camera!

    Here is my feeble attempt at a pic:

    And a zoomed-in one:
  10. Wow ! great pics ! :nuts:
  11. Beautiful pictures!

    I just took the dog for a walk so I could see it! It looks so pretty!
  12. good stuff.
  13. I think i completely missed it...darnit. There was clouds until a few minutes ago here!
  14. I can see much more of the silver moon now. It's so pretty :amuse:
  15. Running to window...LOl